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REGULATORS issued guidelines Tuesday for the establishment of a system to track overseas investments with the aim of preventing tax fraud, money laundering, illegal financing, and activities damaging the country’s reputation.As Xi put it, "Countries should adopt a concept of common, Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and jointly respond to security challenges.S. diplomat further announced that he will speak with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Monday afternoon, while the special envoy will meet with the Russian official in Moscow on Tuesday. If you can t hear well, you might not be able to hear emergency sirens on the road until they re very close to you.According to a notice released by the Xuhui store, the measure was taken after customers complained that some elderly people were occupying tables for excessive periods, talking too loudly, bringing in their own food, and even quarreling or fighting. The NHL was established in 1917 in Montreal, Quebec, Cheap Jerseys , Canada only with six teams. (Xinhua/Yang Zhen)GENEVA, May 2 (Xinhua)  U. It will relax the digestive tract muscles, Cheap NFL Jerseys , thereby relieving bloating, nausea, and cramps in stomach.in all the countrywide forest areas across the Colorado Plateau. Mix it up a bit and try out unique kinds of exercises to help make your workout interesting.As Xi put it, "Countries should adopt a concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, and jointly respond to security challenges.
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A Guyanese man, who was caught with 21 pounds of cocaine in an X-box game and in packets of biscuits during a stopover in the country, was on Thursday slapped with a five-year prison sentence in addition to a J$1.5 million fine, which if not paid will see him spending another five years in jail.According to the Jamaica Observer, 42-year-old Ivan Noel,Wholesale Jerseys, an electronic trader of a Georgetown address, was sentenced in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court following his previous guilty plea for possession of cocaine, dealing in cocaine, and importing cocaine.He was fined $500,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping,000 on each of the charges or serve five years in prison. However, the sentences are to run concurrently to the mandatory five-year sentence if the fines are not paid.Noel was also charged for conspiracy to import cocaine but pleaded not guilty and no evidence was offered.Before the sentence was passed, his attorney Jacqueline Cummings told the court that Noel fell on hard times and was recently diagnosed with cancer. She said that he had an operation to do which costs $30,holesale NFL Jerseys,000, which if not done could result in dire consequences.Also,Cheap Jerseys, Cummings said that Noel was having problems supporting his daughter who is in school, and as a result agreed to do a carriage for a man whom he met in Curacao.She then pleaded with the judge not to impose a custodial sentence on him so that he could return to Guyana to receive treatment.But Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey said that she was not impressed by Noel’s medical condition or his problems with his daughter as he knew the situation before he agreed to import the drugs.The magistrate then expressed doubt about her ability to sentence Noel, saying that the amount of the drug was too much and that he needed to go before the Circuit Court where they had more powers.“Five years for 21 pounds of cocaine is a joke,China Jerseys Cheap,” she said, before handing down the sentence.Noel was caught at the Norman Manley International Airport on June 11 when he arrived on a flight from Curacao. He was destined for Panama.Police said he was held with US$1,900 and told them that he was given US$5,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,000 to deliver the drugs.

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Given the actions of Chinese logging company,Cheap Jerseys, BaiShanLin over the years, Chartered Accountant, Anand Goolsarran said that the firm has clearly demonstrated that it never had any good intentions for Guyana.BaiShanLin’s Managing Director, Chu HongboDuring an interview, Goolsarran one of the Forensic Auditors contracted by the new coalition administration to audit several government agencies, said that the company has,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, according to records, called upon the nation’s leaders for leniency when it was not entitled to it and received premium benefits for which it did not qualify.Goolsarran said that the Chinese company has with its right hand, dangled the idea of a wood processing facility while grabbing with its left hand, the riches to be had from Guyana’s Forestry Sector.The Chartered Accountant said that it was clear to see from BaiShanLin’s actions over the years that it was only interested in filling its treasure chests and then shipping them to their home country.“It appeared that they were only interested in filling their pockets regardless of the consequences to be had by the nation. They mercilessly robbed and tricked us,” he said.To support his argument, Goolsarran referred to some of his findings during a forensic audit of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC).He said that the report documents numerous irregularities which go as far back as 2006, when BaiShanLin International Forest Development Inc was incorporated.Goolsarran noted that the main stated objective of the company, when it came in 2006,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, was to set up downstream wood processing operations in Linden and on the East Bank Demerara.In his audit report, Goolsarran revealed that on November 4, 2011,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the Guyana Forestry Commission granted a State Forest Exploratory Permit (SFEP ) to the Chinese company. This covered 104,783 hectares of State forest.On the surface, everything seemed well with this arrangement. But what alarmed the Forensic Auditor was that BaiShanLin was blessed with the permit (SFEP) for which it failed to meet the necessary requirements.The criteria the Chinese firm failed to meet included (a) the submission of audited financial statements for the last five years; (b) evidence of technical and financial qualifications; and (c) a history of compliance.Goolsarran revealed that a key consideration for the grant of the permit was the reassurance BaiShanLin gave the government to build a state-of-art wood processing facility in Linden. It intended to do so since 2006.The Forensic Auditor revealed that the company had leased 200 acres for this purpose and had given a commitment to complete the facility by the end of 2013, following which the Government of Guyana would make available a further 100 acres for additional value-added processing.As a condition for the grant of the permit, the auditor discovered that the company was required to carry out an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) before any extraction could begin.Chartered Accountant, Anand GoolsarranIt was also required to prepare a business plan and do a forest inventory. However, at the time of the expiration of permit on November 4,Cheap Jerseys, 2014,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the company had not honoured its obligations.The auditor said that documents show that BaiShanLin contended that it faced a number of constraints including the need to repair and upgrade roads.As a result, the Forensic Auditor found out that on October 1, 2014, BaiShanLin requested an extension of one year to fulfill these obligations under the permit and to set up the wood processing facility.He emphasized however that Section 9 (9) of the Forests Act 2009 specifically prohibits any renewal of such a permit. He said that there is also no provision in the Act for an extension once the expiry date reaches.In spite of this, the laws of the Forest Act were ignored and the Commission approved BaiShanLin’s request for an extension of the permit.Goolsarran noted that BaiShanLin’s extended permit expired on November 4, 2015, but there was no board in place to address the issue. He said that Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman indicated that the company applied for a further extension of two years to set up the wood processing facility.“The Ministry of the Presidency later clarified that the Government had not taken any decision and that it has requested information from the company about its proposed business plan and evidence of financing.“Upon receipt of this information, BaiShanLin’s request would be reviewed and a decision taken,” Goolsarran noted.Up to the time of reporting, Goolsarran said that the company was yet to provide the business plan and evidence of financing.He said that if this second request for extension is approved, the company would have enjoyed the benefit of the grant of an exploratory permit covering a period of six consecutive years whereas the law allows for a maximum period of three years for such a permit.Taking into consideration that the Chinese company has failed to fulfill its obligations to Guyana, and the fact that the Forests Act does not permit a renewal  of a SFEP at the end of three years, the contract with the company, Goolsarran said, should be terminated forthwith.Goolsarran also recommended that State forest should be returned to the Commission for reallocation.In addition to this, he said that the coalition administration should consider terminating the investment agreements with the company and recover the value of the fiscal concessions granted to it.

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The Ministry of Health has established an ambitious target of reaching out to 20,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys,000 persons to be tested for HIV/AIDS on the National Day of Testing, which will be held countrywide on November 14th.On this day, the Health Ministry will get popular artistes in Guyana to take HIV tests in order to promote the issue in the country.At a press conference held on Saturday, Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, said that a total of 310 testing sites have been established across the country. He reiterated that these sites are appropriate for testing,China Jerseys, as there is guaranteed confidentiality.Some new sites established include the City Mall, all of the outlets of Scotia Bank and Republic Bank.Due to the numerous requests from city workers,Jerseys Wholesale, the Abattoir has been added as a testing site,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, while the Seventh Day Adventist Church would have their mobile clinic around Regent Street and in the Diamond Housing Scheme.“Every Councilor and tester that were previously certified are being upgraded at this time in participation of National Day of Testing…we are upgrading their skills continuously,Cheap NFL Jerseys,” the Health Minister said.For this year, Guyana has joined the ‘Testing Millions’ campaign, as National Day of Testing has become part of a global campaign which is internationally recognised.“This year, a number of international evaluators will be in Guyana because the Guyana National Day of Testing has now become recognised as a best practice in the world.”Each year so far, the Health Ministry has exceeded its target which was established to get persons tested for the deadly virus.