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Cops still to turn up three hours later After a lull, bandits on the East Coast of Demerara resumed their activities, attacking a Coldingen family in a ruthless ten-minute ordeal last night.But while the incident occurred around 19:00 hours, the police at the Vigilance Police Station took more than three hours before they went to the scene despite several calls by the victims and even this newspaper.According to reports, four bandits stormed the home of Nazim Abdool and his family in the Coldingen New Scheme and made off with cash, jewellery and other valuables after inflicting a severe beating on their victims.Relating his ordeal, Abdool, popularly known as ‘Fish Man’, said that he was upstairs frying fish, while his wife and brother-in- law were downstairs tending to their small grocery when the bandits struck.He said he heard a noise at his front door and went to investigate. He saw a man who looked familiar to him and he assumed that the man was someone who was working on a nearby property.“I thought was a joke and he pulling a fast one on me, but then I see the man with a gun. He say, ’you laughing’,Wholesale China Jerseys, and he start to kick me. He keep stamping me and say, ‘I come fuh do me wuk, don’t move because I gon deal with you seriously’,” Abdool recalled.He said that three other bandits who were holding his wife and brother in law at knife-point entered and began demanding cash and jewellery.They dealt Abdool’s wife several lashes with their cutlasses causing her to fall unconscious for a while.“Dey start fuh beat me brother-in-law, demanding, ‘whey de cash and money. This is not all, you gat business’,” the businessman told this newspaper.He said that he begged for his life as well as those of his family,Wholesale Jerseys, telling the bandits, ‘take everything, just don’t do we nothing’.The bandits then asked for the businessman’s children who they later relieved of the pieces of jewellery they were wearing.The bandits then huddled the family together to ensure that their escape was unhindered before leaving the house.“This look like a young set. The one who de standing over me de shaking bad like he nervous, while another one look hot, he pelting lash serious,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale,” Abdool related.He told this newspaper that he called the police at Cove and John and Vigilance and up to around 22:00 hours they had not reached his home.“I don’t know this is wha. They tek so long fuh come. All they keep saying is dat a patrol lef fuh come,” he said.**************************************Gunmen in car rob overseas-based GuyaneseThree gunmen in a car escaped with foreign currency and jewellery on Saturday night after holding up two UK-based Guyanese and two young women on the East Bank Demerara Public Road near Garden of Eden.Police said that Carl Ramroop, 29, Suresh Deonanand, 38, both of London, UK,Wholesale Jerseys China, Rosanna Padmore,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, 20, and a 13-year-old female student of Republic Park, EBD, were attacked when their vehicle slowed down near a section of the roadway that is undergoing repairs.They were relieved of jewellery, a wrist watch, personal documents, US $800 and 750 Pounds Sterling.The release said that when the vehicle slowed down, another car overtook the victims and blocked their path.Three armed men exited and relieved the victims of their valuables.During the robbery, Carl Ramroop and Suresh Deonanand resisted their attackers, one of whom discharged a round,Cheap China Jerseys, which grazed Carl Ramroop on the left side of his head. Suresh Deonanand was assaulted about his body.The robbers then escaped in their waiting car, while the victims were treated at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre.

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Recognising the need to do more to fast track the implementation of the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a Public Symposium at the Convention Centre yesterday.Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues- Birkett, said that she is aware of the disenchantment by some persons who questioned the benefits and relevance of the CSME.However, she said that it will be unwise for the region to turn back now. She attributes the disenchantment displayed by some to the fact that some of the goals that were set aside in the Grand Anse Declaration in Grenada in 1989 are not translating into their day to day experiences.She said 20 years after Grand Anse, there are difficulties that are seriously impeding the process. The Minister said that while some boast of the free movement of goods across the region,Cheap Jerseys From China, it should be noted that it is easier to export goods to Europe than it is to export within Caricom and this needs to be addressed.She is urging Caricom countries to resolve such issues quickly if the benefits of the CSME are to be achieved quickly. She said that the question should not be if we have made progress or not,Cheap Jerseys From China, but it should be if we are doing enough, and if we should do more.She said criticisms have been levelled against the programme, recently, after some Guyanese were removed from sister CARICOM countries for reasons that leave much to be desired.Birkett said that although such issues continue to arise periodically Guyana has remained committed to CSME and is one of a handful of countries that have signed the declaration in 2006 that formalised its entry into the CSME.Minister Birkett told the gathering that her Ministry will be undertaking a series of such public events so that citizens can be better informed of the CSME. She agreed that there are a number of persons within the society that have little knowledge of what CSME is all about.She said that the success of the programme is dependent on Guyana and by extension the Caribbean region understanding the benefits, challenges and other important aspects that are critical. The Minister said what was revealing in her discourse with persons who visited her Ministry, when they encounter problems in sister Caricom territories, was how little they knew of the CSME while some did not know anything at all.She said with the small and vulnerable economies of the region there is a greater need for the region to work closer to achieve its goals.Mrs Rodrigues-Birkett said that the symposium comes at a time when a comprehensive audit is being done to evaluate the effectiveness of the CSME thus far.Addressing participants yesterday,Cheap Jerseys China, Ivor Carryl, Programme Manager, CSME Unit, CARICOM Secretariat, said that his agency is always willing to participate in any activity that will raise awareness of the CSME, as it is critical to the development of the Caribbean region.He said by way of introduction that he needed to set the record straight. He added that it is by way of fact and indeed from a legal perspective, that the economic integration does exist.He said there is always the question of how and when this component of the CSME exists, but he said that he is not fearful of being contradicted, that the existence of this aspect is in place. Carryl said the real issue that is of concern, which needs to be addressed is the extent to which the region’s citizens understand the CSME,Cheap Jeseys NFL, its provisions, rules and more consequentially how it can be use to their benefits.The Caricom point man on CSME said that he is aware of issues that have brought the credibility of the agreement into question but largely goods and services have been allowed to move across the region freely.He said the liberalisation of the Caricom market is testimony to the fact that the CSME is achieving its objectives. He said while Caricom will create the correct environment for the success of the CSME,Wholesale Jerseys Online, Guyana has a responsibility to identify its strengths and weaknesses and there after produce strategies to counter these.Carryl said that the region has come some way since 1973 when it was only goods that were allowed to move freely across this area.He noted that eight classes or groups of persons now have unfettered access to any Caribbean country that is CSME compatible.Carryl said that the CSME recently found itself in a situation where its potency and its ability to work have been tested. This he said was caused by the global financial crisis, where there were massive job losses across the region.He said he believes that such a situation should bring the region together so that it can achieve a common good,Wholesale China Jerseys, and allow the CSME to work.The CSME came into being after Regional Leaders met in Grand Anse Grenada in 1989 and agreed that there is need for a single market and economy to ensure the survival of the Caribbean region in the global financial sphere.