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Apparently, however, it is coming. Tomlin said Thursday there is a chance Murphy could see time at quarterback in the exhibition finale against Carolina next week, when the closest Roethlisberger will get to the field will likely come during the opening coin toss.
"I'm a slash kind of guy I guess," Murphy said.
And while that might one day be true, Murphy also understands if he wants to have any shot of sticking around with the Steelers in any capacity he needs to put his ego in his pocket and a pair of wide receiver gloves on.
Given a choice,NFL Jerseys Supply, the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie would rather have a lower number, maybe one with a single digit. You know, the kind the guys who line up behind center wear.
"I thought maybe I'd get pulled back to the QB room, get my shot there but coaches didn't see it that way," Murphy said. "I didn't get that shot yet."
Chickillo has a foot in the door. Stepping through it is another matter.
"I still consider myself a quarterback," Murphy said. "I feel like I can still execute there at a high level."
"I've gotten the chance to watch a lot of veteran guys, whether it's (Antonio Brown) or Ben," Murphy said. "I've tried to take whatever they've given me and make the most of it."
"There's no easy route I guess,Cheap Baseball Jerseys," he said.

Particularly not for tweeners like Murphy — who has never played receiver in his life — or sixth-round draft pick Anthony Chickillo, who is transitioning from defensive tackle to outside linebacker in hopes of becoming the third generation of Chickillos to make an NFL roster.
Murphy appears to be making inroads. The former Florida and Boston College quarterback hauled in a 22-yard touchdown pass from Landry Jones in the fourth quarter of a comeback 24-19 preseason victory over Green Bay on Sunday, the first time Murphy can remember reaching the end zone on a play that didn't begin with him handling the snap.
PITTSBURGH (AP) — The No. 16 jersey and what it ultimately signifies for Tyler Murphy fits just fine and all. It's just not the one he would prefer to wear,China Jerseys Wholesale.
"It's always good to get on the field and help yourself out,Cheap NBA Jerseys China," Murphy said.
Chickillo's challenge hasn't been quite as complex but no less daunting. He played four years on the defensive line at Miami before the Steelers took him with the 212th overall pick in the draft and told him he was moving to outside linebacker. For a player never asked to go and chase tight ends or running backs on pass routes before, the initial adjustment was a shock to the system.
That's fine by Murphy, who understands the delicate numbers at work. He's no higher than fourth on the depth chart at quarterback and nearly as buried at wide receiver, a group that figures to have five spots already sewn up. There is little wiggle room and yet Murphy insists he's at ease.
NOTES: Tomlin said there's a chance All-Pro C Maurkice Pouncey will return later this season,Jerseys NFL Cheap. Pouncey is out indefinitely after undergoing surgery on his left ankle Monday. ... DE Stephon Tuitt (ankle) is out on Saturday but LB Lawrence Timmons (foot) and S Mike Mitchell (sprained right ankle) could play.
It was a courtesy more than anything, at least for now. Murphy admits he hoped his role would change when veteran backup Bruce Gradkowski was lost for the season with an injury to his  left hand  Instead the Steelers signed Michael Vick to compete against Jones for the right to sit behind Ben Roethlisberger.
Now comes the hard part: showing it. Chickillo made an impression early in training camp but now finds himself behind at least eight other linebackers. He has three tackles during the preseason but remains very much a project even with tutors like James Harrison in the room,Cheap Jerseys.
In any way possible. While Murphy will continue to see the field as a receiver on Saturday when the Steelers play in Buffalo, he pulled a quick change in practice on Wednesday. During one sequence Murphy switched out his No. 16 for a No. 5 and spent several series as the scout team quarterback in an attempt to mimic Buffalo's Tyrod Taylor.
Or just another first-year player trying to land a job. Making it in the NFL is hard enough. Murphy is trying to do it while learning a new position and trying to hold on to an old one.
"I thought I was going to play in the NFL since I was 7," Chickillo said.
"It was difficult in the beginning learning coverages and concepts," Chickillo said. "Once I got it, I feel like I got it."
Making the roster seems like a long shot, though Chickillo remains confident. He always assumed he'd follow in the footsteps of his father Tony — a defensive lineman for two teams in the 1980s — and his grandfather Nick, who spent a season with the Chicago Cardinals in 1953.
It was equal parts thrilling and weird

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Region Ten (Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice) Democratic Council (RDC) Chairman Renis Morian has said that more discrepancies are being uncovered at the Administration. This is happening as employees suspected of involvement continue to be on administrative leave.Irregularities within the Works Department,Nike Vapor Max Plus Triple Black, including the discovery of false payment vouchers, prompted investigations last month. Regional Executive Officer Gavin Clarke made the revelation of several money-related discrepancies which involved RDC employees and contract workers.Auditors from the State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU) as well as the police had been summoned to investigate.Morian said that just a few weeks ago,Mens Nike Free Run, more disturbing things involving RDC contracts were unearthed. He said that investigators may visit the Council’s office at Mackenzie some time next week.The Chairman explained “Two weeks ago we discovered,Baker Mayfield Jersey, and we’re still discovering more issues. We’re seeing more things coming up.”He added,Adrian Wilson Cardinals Jersey, “The employees remain on leave. We can’t fill the vacancies either,Air Max 97 Gold, because their positions aren’t vacant. No decision has been made,Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys, since they haven’t been tried. We’re just gathering the information.”Two technical officers were expected to be appointed to the Council to assist with the relevant job functions.

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Minister of Education Priya Manickchand has finally responded to critics, asserting that her Ministry’s ambitious programme to improve Mathematics and English at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Examination has been heartening.  The Minister has revealed that while the performances in the two subject areas have declined Caribbean-wide, the 26 schools in which the Ministry had piloted the improvement project had in fact realised improved performances.Minister of Education, Priya ManickchandThe project was introduced soon after the Minister assumed the post of Education Minister in December of last year. The ambitious move spanned a mere four months and saw Government injecting in excess of $87M to the Education Ministry to facilitate the project. “I saw a lot of criticism in the press but we (the Ministry) did not respond to any of them…” said the Minister who noted that even though it was such a short period a notable difference was observed.Minister Manickchand had earlier this year insisted that her Ministry was on a mission to reap value for money at the 2012 CSEC examinations. She revealed even then that a review of current capital type investment suggested that “we are not seeing the corresponding rise in grades in the two particular subject areas of Maths and English.”  She asserted too that despite the fact that the Education Ministry is one of the largest Ministries in terms of resources, the results have not been proportionate to the investments made.“The problem with that is very simple: if our children can’t matriculate with Maths and English then it means there are going to be a lot of doors closed to them…” the Minister had lamented.It was against this very background that she saw it necessary to introduce the ambitious programme.   Among the schools that were included in the project were:  Abram Zuil, Anna Regina and Aurora (Region Two); West Demerara,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Zeeburg, Patentia, Leonora, Stewartville (Region Three); Annandale, Covent Garden, Bladen Hall, Hope (Region Four); East Ruimveldt, Christ Church, North Georgetown, Central, Brickdam, North Ruimveldt,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Richard Ishmael (Georgetown), Bushlot, Mahaicony,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, Bygeval,China Jerseys, Woodley Park Primary Tops (Region Five); J. C. Chandisingh, Tagore Memorial, , New Amsterdam Multilateral, Berbice High, Skeldon Line Path  (Region Six); Three Miles (Region Seven), St. Ignatius (Region Nine),Cheap Jerseys Online, MacKenzie High, Christianburg and Silver City (Region 10).Manickchand pointed out that while in the area of English there have been indications of acceptable results over the years,China Jerseys, the subject area of Maths, over the past 10 years, reflected a mere 10 per cent increase in the pass rate from about 20 per cent to 30 per cent last year.In introducing the programme last year, the Minister noted that “the fact remains that we are seeing some countries having 31 and 38 per cent, but all under 40 per cent, and this is no comfort to me because at the end of the day, what it means is that we have 70 per cent of our children not having some of the doors we have here opened to them.”She questioned, “what is the point of developing Guyana or making our country move from a low income, heavily in-debted poor country, to a middle income developing country if the new opportunities arising in this country are going to be out of the reach of our next generation?”According to the Minister, the rationale behind striving to improve the rate of performance in the subject areas was geared at ensuring that “our children can go on to universities, whether local or foreign, and be able to access certain jobs. If they don’t have Maths and English, then in a sense we are failing them and certainly we are failing our dear country…” The Minister alluded to the National Pledge, pointing to the fact that the whole theme of the pledge is that we will do what is good for Guyana.“That is not to say that we think teachers have not been doing what is good, but somehow or the other the system has not been able to get those grades up and this for me is not only a matter of concern but almost a challenge or a red flag in front of a bull…We have the potential to make changes and we can combine the potential we have to see actual results for Maths and English if we could improve the grades of at least 1,500 of our children.”