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"Yeah, it's funny, man. That's what pushed us every week," Watkins said. "You always want to be doing what they're doing and top them just to keep yourself hungry."
Watkins is a speedster who has shown an ability to find holes in opposing defenses. He's also been resilient in playing despite sore ribs he first injured during the preseason.
Jackson referred to Woods as one of his "favorite people I've loved to watch," because of how physical he is in outmuscling defenders as a receiver and blocker.
"It's still early," Woods said,Cheap NFL Jerseys, breaking into a big grin. "Now I've got something to go after."
Woods was the first to arrive in 2013, when the Bills selected him in the second round. Watkins arrived with a splash in May.
"We've got a lot of room to grow, but I think we can be dominant like Julio (Jones) and Roddy White," Watkins said, referring to the Atlanta Falcons' top tandem. "With them, they could win any game at any time. And that's the situation we've got to get here."
The Bills' big investment in revamping their group of receivers is showing signs of paying off for a team that's been saddled with a popgun passing attack for much of the past decade. The Bills haven't cracked the NFL's top 14 in yards passing since finishing fifth in 2002, when Eric Moulds and Peerless Price were Drew Bledsoe's top threats.
And Watkins' 117 yards receiving were the most by any Bills player since Stevie Johnson had 137 in 2010 — that's right,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, four years ago.

"I'm extremely impressed," running back Fred Jackson said of the two.
The Bills have further depth with fifth-year receiver Mike Williams, acquired in an offseason trade with Tampa Bay, and second-year speedster Marquise Goodwin.
It was no different for Watkins and Hopkins,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who kept tabs on USC's top tandem of Woods and Marqise Lee.
Woods, who played at Southern California, and Watkins, at Clemson,Cheap Jerseys From China, revealed this week that they spent much of the 2012 season tracking each other's production to serve as motivation.
Their presence has made it difficult for defense's to determine which one to shadow with double coverage.
Woods had four catches — three for first downs — for a team-best 78 yards in a season-opening 23-20 overtime win at Chicago,wholesale nfl jerseys. Watkins responded with eight catches for 117 yards and a touchdown in a 29-10 win over Miami last weekend. The eight catches were the most by a Bills rookie since Joe Cribbs had nine in 1980.
It's a group that has Watkins already beginning to track some of the NFL's top receiving corps to use as motivation.
General manager Doug Whaley thought so highly of Watkins' ability that he traded next year's first-round draft pick to move up five spots and select the receiver with the No. 4 pick.
As for Watkins, Jackson said: "Sammy's still scratching the surface, but he's got the potential to be one of the better ones that have played here in Buffalo."
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) — Robert Woods was a big fan of fellow Bills starting receiver Sammy Watkins long before the two began sharing neighboring lockers.
Watkins can say the same thing about Woods, even though the two attended colleges on opposite coasts.
It's your turn, Robert.
"We used to compete with them," Woods said, referring to the Clemson tandem of Watkins and DeAndre Hopkins. "It was my last year, and one day they had four touchdowns between them. And we were like, 'All right, we've got to get four, too.'"
Woods has speed and is also a crisp route runner who has been fearless in making catches in traffic.
That rivalry has taken on a complementary — and complimentary — dimension,Wholesale Jerseys China. The two have already begun showing flashes of their dynamic chemistry in helping the Bills to a 2-0 start in preparing to host San Diego (1-1) on Sunday.

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The Mayor and City Council is currently in negotiation with Cevons Waste Management and Puran Brothers over outstanding debts. Mayor of Georgetown Hamilton Green yesterday confirmed to this publication that the council owes the two companies some $50M in total,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, for services already provided.According to the Mayor, both companies have expressed frustration over the non-payment of monies from March. The Mayor said that the entities have not indicated a specific time as to when they intend to cease operations,Wholesale Jerseys China, but they have threatened such action if the existing situation persists.Green also expressed disappointment over the fact that the council has acquired four new garbage trucks,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, but the vehicles are still not accessible as they are currently on a city wharf.“We are just waiting for the trucks to be cleared off the wharf and then they will begin operation.”Meanwhile, a senior official from Puran Brothers when contacted said that some $26M is owed to the company. The official said since last week they were promised payment after they indicated that they would be withdrawing their services.“We were promised the money, or part of it,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, sometime this week, but nothing was done this morning (yesterday morning)… when we sent our collector we were told that the money was not available. We are a company and we need money to work with. We have trucks that need repairs. We have the banks calling us. We have other obligations,” the official stressed.In addition,Cheap Jerseys, the company has indicated that it has decided to stay and provide services out of concern for the society at large.“We have a duty to society,China NFL Jerseys, and yes, we have our own financial difficulties, but if we come out of this business we will be out of money as well. Garbage collection is our business this is what we have been doing since the 1980s.”The company official further indicated that the slow cash flow from the garbage collection contract with the City Hall has forced them to venture into other businesses in an effort to generate money.“We have diversified…we have gone into the construction business, because the money is not readily available with the garbage collection business.”The Mayor and City Council in recent times has been at the centre for clashes over monies owed to its workers and contractors. Mayor Green has repeatedly stated that the council is cash-strapped and all efforts to generate revenue are being frustrated by the administration.

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-halt all agreements with company By Kiana Wilburg Very soon,Air Max 90 Essential White And Black Womens, the Granger administration will have to make a crucial decision on whether it will bring the hammer down on a Chinese company found with a history of corruption in Guyana, or continue to treat with it diplomatically.  The current administration was recently in receipt of a forensic audit report prepared by Chartered Accountant, Anand Goolsarran. This report documents numerous irregularities which go as far back as 2006, when BaiShanLin International Forest Development Inc was incorporated.The main objective of the company, when it came in 2006, was to set up downstream wood processing operations in Linden and on the East Bank Demerara.In his audit report,Cheap NHL Jerseys, Goolsarran revealed that on November 4, 2011, the Guyana Forestry Commission granted a State Forest Exploratory Permit (SFEP ) to the Chinese company. This covered 104,Brian Poole Falcons Jersey UK,783 hectares of State forest.On the surface, everything seemed well with this arrangement. But what alarmed the forensic auditor  BaiShanLin was blessed with the permit (SFEP) for which it failed to meet the necessary requirements.The criteria the Chinese firm failed to meet included (a) the submission of audited financial statements for the last five years; (b) evidence of technical and financial qualifications; and (c) a history of compliance.Goolsarran revealed that a key consideration for the grant of the permit was the reassurance BaiShanLin gave the government to build a state-of-art wood processing facility in Linden. It intended to do so since 2006.The forensic auditor revealed that the company had leased 200 acres for this purpose and had given a commitment to complete the facility by the end of 2013, following which the Government of Guyana would make available a further 100 acres for additional value-added processing.As a condition for the grant of the permit, the auditor  discovered that the company was required to carry out an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) before any extraction could begin.It was also required to prepare a business plan and do a forest inventory. However,Authentic Nike NBA Jerseys, at the time of the expiration of permit on November 4,Cheap Devils Jerseys, 2014, the company had not honoured its obligations.The auditor said that documents show that BaiShanLin contended that it faced a number of constraints including the need to repair and upgrade roads.As a result, the forensic auditor found out that on October 1, 2014, BaiShanLin requested an extension of one year to fulfill these obligations under the permit and to set up the wood processing facility.He emphasized however that Section 9 (9) of the Forests Act 2009 specifically prohibits any renewal of such a permit. He said that there is also no provision in the Act for an extension once the expiry date reaches.In spite of this, the laws of the Forest Act were ignored and the Commission approved BaiShanLin’s request for an extension of the permit.Goolsarran noted that BaiShanLin’s extended permit expired on November 4,Nike Roshe Run Sale Outlet, 2015, but there was no board in place to address the issue. He said that Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, indicated that the company applied for a further extension of two years to set up the wood processing facility.“The Ministry of the Presidency later clarified that the Government had not taken any decision and that it has requested information from the company about its proposed business plan and evidence of financing.“Upon receipt of this information, BaiShanLin’s request would be reviewed and a decision taken,” Goolsarran noted.Up to the time of reporting, Goolsarran said that the company was yet to provide the business plan and evidence of financing.He said that if this second request for extension is approved, the company would have enjoyed the benefit of the grant of an exploratory permit covering a period of six consecutive years whereas the law allows for a maximum period of three years for such a permit.Taking into consideration that the Chinese company has failed to fulfill its obligations to Guyana, and the fact that the Forests Act does not permit a renewal  of a SFEP at the end of three years, the contract with the company Goolsarran said, should be terminated forthwith.Goolsarran also recommended that State forest should be returned to the Commission for reallocation.In addition to this, he said that the coalition administration should consider terminating the investment agreements with the company and recover the value of the fiscal concessions granted to it.