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Police on West Coast Demerara are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a body which was found in a house at Samaroo Dam,, West Bank Demerara. Reports are that children who were going fishing in the area made the discovery. The man has since been identified as 65-year-old Emuddeen Jabar called ‘The Mighty Raja’.Residents of the area told this publication that children in the area would normally fish in a trench located in front of the man’s premises.Yesterday when they entered the man’s yard to get worms which the use as bait they came across a strong stench. One resident said that the children decided to peek into the lower flat of the man’s two-storey house when the noticed his bloated body on the floor. The children immediately alerted other residents of the area and the police were immediately called in.So far this newspaper has been told that the man’s body bore no visible marks of violence but police are awaiting the result of a post mortem which will reveal the cause of death.Jabar was last seen alive on Wednesday.“Only de other day he went singing a song ‘Dem a watch meh’ and he telling dem girls that he write de song.”Many who knew the man said that it was very strange that they didn’t hear “Raja” singing for the past few days.“We know we ain’t notice he about but we didn’t tek it fuh nothing because he does got he drinking friends and we don’t see him sometime fuh days,China Cheap Jerseys,”.Jabar was said to be an alcoholic who lived alone. Just over a month ago one of Jabar’s  “drinking buddies’ was found dead in a yard at Plantain Walk West Bank Demerara.

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