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標題: Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Shoes 000 in cash [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Zz9    時間: 2018-2-13 21:28     標題: Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Shoes 000 in cash

A 47-year-old shop owner of Diamond New Scheme,Brock Holt Jersey, East Bank Demerara is thankful to be alive,Cheap Jerseys, following a daring daylight robbery at her grocery shop.Around 09:15 hours yesterday,Nike Air Max 98 Gundam 2018, when Pamela Sukhdeo responded to a call from a ‘customer’ at her shop she was never expecting that she would be confronted with the barrel of a gun.Sukhdeo told this newspaper that she was in her house when she heard a man calling at her shop,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, which is located in the front of her yard. The woman said when she reached to the shop, a man asked for a bottle of lemonade.“After I went to the fridge for the lemonade he asked if I could throw the drink in a plastic bag.”Sukhdeo said that as she was pouring the drink in the bag someone grabbed her from behind and placed a gun to her head and ordered her into a bedroom.“Like two other men come in from the back of the house…because later we see the back gate open.”The shop owner recounted that once the gun was placed to her head she had no choice but to comply with her attackers’ demand. She added that one of the men then tied her hands and placed her in a room in the lower flat of the house.“He tell me I must not scream or he would shoot me…then I see three men together and among they self they tell the one with the gun to stay downstairs with me while they go upstairs”.The woman recalled that before the men left for the upper flat of the building they enquired from her where they could find her gold jewellery and cash.“I tell them that I ain’t got no gold or money put up anywhere so they went and search up the whole place”.She said after spending some 15 minutes in the house the men then returned to her.“The come and tell me they leaving and I mustn’t scream…they tell me average when they gone then I could scream.”The woman said that she did as she was told as the men threatened to shoot her if she made any noise. She added that she waited a while and then alerted neighbours.She said that she then informed the police who responded promptly. So far, the woman said the men made good their escape with some $12,000 in cash,NFL Jerseys Store, a quantity of landline and cellular phone cards,Cheap Jerseys From China, two cellular phones and a large quantity of gold jewellery.Up to press time yesterday no arrest was made.

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