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作者: yueyrt1Zz9    時間: 2018-2-13 18:45     標題: China Jerseys NFL Wholesale By Latoya GilesShock

By Latoya GilesShock, dismay and outrage were expressed, as word spread of the brutal murder of a security guard who up until his death, worked with the Dynamic Security Firm.Dead is 64-year old Mohamed Haniff, of First Street Alexander Village.Dead: Mohamed HaniffHe was killed at his worksite, which is located opposite Ming’s Services Limited at Providence. This newspaper was told that a bond was being erected at the site.A bloodied piece of iron,Air Max 90 Black And White Leather, according to police sources,Nike NFL Jerseys China, was recovered at the scene and a bloodied tarpaulin upon which his bashed-in head lay, told a gruesome tale of how Haniff met his demise.His niece Anastacia Gordon yesterday told Kaieteur News that her uncle was employed with the guard service for the past year and was at the Providence location for the past four months.Kaieteur News was told that Gordon’s mother Jocelyn Griffith was the person who received the news of the death sometime around 09:00hrs yesterday,Alexander Nylander Jersey, after which a number of relatives rushed to the Providence location.The woman said that the police prevented them from even trying to identify the body. It was only until the undertakers arrived at the scene that relatives were allowed to the see the body.Gordon said blood was oozing from Haniff’s mouth and his head appeared to be bashed in. The woman explained that she was told by her uncle’s boss that two containers were broken into and a generator among other items was taken from the worksite.Gordon said she was always skeptical about her uncle’s job because of other guards that were killed at their worksites.“I always used to ask if the bandits came what he would do….he used to tell me that he would leave them to take whatever,” the woman cried.The two containers that were broken into.“He was at an Eccles location but removed because he said it was too lonely and they brought him here,” the niece explained.Meanwhile,Cheap Buffalo Bills Jerseys, the owner of the security company Randolph Perreira,2018 Nike Air Max 98, yesterday told Kaieteur News that the last time he saw Haniff was sometime after midnight.Perreira explained that he visited the worksite three times, 21:15, 21:30 and lastly at 00:15hrs.He said that he and Haniff spoke briefly and he left the worksite and returned home.  It was around 06:00hrs yesterday when he received a telephone call and he and his driver rushed to the worksite.He said that upon reaching the site, he noticed a number of tracks and the fence was thrown down.He began checking around the worksite and a few seconds later he heard the driver call out to him.Perriera said he was shocked at the scene, calling the killer(s) beastly for doing something like that. He immediately called the police who arrived shortly.According to Perriera, this was not the first time that thieves had attacked the worksite. He told Kaieteur News that one time he even caught a man loading up things and the police were called in.Undertakers removing the body yesterday.Meanwhile,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, relatives yesterday said that the death has caused more suffering for the family.Gordon told Kaieteur News that her sister was killed almost a year and half ago and the suspect has not been located.Kaieteur News was told that Gordon’s sister Latisha Rodrigues, was stabbed at the Stabroek Market by her reputed husband’s girlfriend. The women had a feud that went on for several years.Investigations into the matter are continuing.

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