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Even if there's no snow or rain on Sunday,Cheap Basketball Jerseys China, which is what the National Weather Service predicts,Wholesale Jerseys, the high temperature is supposed to be 38 degrees. With the opening kickoff set for about 6:30 p.m.,Cheap Shoes Wholesale, it could be in the 20s by the time the big game comes to an end.
JERSEY CITY,Wholesale Football Jerseys, N.J. (AP) — NFL players rely on all sorts of methods for dealing with the type of weather the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are expected to face in the Super Bowl.
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Seahawks backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson recalled asking teammates for advice about handling the temperature during his NFL debut as a rookie with the Minnesota Vikings. The game was at Chicago in December 2006, and the wind chill was 1.
So how will the Broncos and Seahawks thwart the cold,Barry Larkin Jersey?

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