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作者: yueyrt1Zz9    時間: 2019-5-12 08:56     標題: Fj?llr?ven K?nken Rea NEW YORK

Cumberland,Cheap Jerseys, who was scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent Tuesday,Shoes Canada Free Returns, led the Jets last season with a career-high four touchdown receptions. He also had a career-best 398 yards receiving on 26 catches in his fourth NFL season.
The Jets announced the move Saturday,Stitched NFL Jerseys Outlet, but did not release terms. Cumberland wrote on his Twitter page that the deal was for three years,Cheap Nike Sb China, accompanied with a picture of him signing his new contract.
NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Jets and tight end Jeff Cumberland have agreed to terms on a new contract,Cheap Yeezys For Sale Real.

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