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The delivery of health and education in Guyana, particularly in far-flung areas, is expected to be boosted considerably, with the addition of 36 new volunteers,Anthony Martial Jersey, compliments of Peace Corps Guyana.After nine weeks of intense preparatory work the group was sworn-in yesterday by Charge d’ Affaires of the United States Embassy, Mr Thomas Pierce, at a special ceremony held at the Theatre Guild,Cheap Juventus Jersey, Parade Street, Georgetown.The group is the 23rd batch of volunteers to render their skills to Guyana.  They had arrived in Guyana on February 15, last,Arjen Robben Jersey, and was engaged in the nine-week pre-service training programme.The Volunteers being sworn-in by Charge d' Affairs Thomas Pierce The members will now join their colleagues to work in a collaborative partnership with local counterparts and organizations to provide services within the 10 administrative regions.Community-based activities in which volunteers participate are consistent and complementary with the objectives and strategic planning of the Government of Guyana.In addressing the new volunteers,Barcelona Jerseys, the Charge d’ Affaires pointed out that the contributions and dedications of Peace Corps volunteers around the world have in fact impacted millions of lives around the world.“They have contributed significantly here in Guyana…” he noted, as he commenced the swearing process.  The group is expected to serve in the respective regions for the next two years.Upon accepting the invitation from the Peace Corps, volunteers agree to serve and contribute to the pursuance of the developmental aspirations in Guyana for a two-year stint, according to a statement issued by the Embassy.It was noted too that the Peace Corps reflects the diversity of the American people and its volunteers return to the United States as global citizens, with leadership, cross-cultural understanding and technical skills well beyond those of their peers.“The Peace Corps is pleased to work in tandem with Guyanese partners in this development, assistance to the people of Guyana and extends its gratitude to the government and people of Guyana for the hospitality and opportunity it offers these volunteers to assist in achieving the nation’s development aspirations,” the statement added.Yesterday’s ceremony was two-pronged as it also served as an occasion to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps existence which has as its agenda to promote world peace and friendship.Since 1961 more than 20,Andrea Barzagli Jersey,000 volunteers have served in 139 countries around the world.  The Peace Corps first arrived in Guyana in 1966 and served through 1971 but did not continue until 1995 from which point more than 400 volunteers have served the people of Guyana. Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Education, Assistant Chief Education Officer, Melcita Bovell, noted that the efforts of the Peace Corps is directed at helping to build a nation. She asserted that “Guyana today stands tall because of the partnership that it has had with many others, with the Peace Corp being one…”Representing the Ministry of Health,Arturo Vidal Jersey, Mr Nazim Hussein in his keynote address reflected on the contributions of past volunteers who noticeable helped to transform health care in Guyana.Peace Corps, he said, is not only about friendship but it has over the years proven to be an even greater unification.The ceremony was attended by a number of special invites including regional chairmen and persons who opened up their home to accommodate the volunteers while they were in training.  Yesterday’s event concluded with the launch of an exhibition orchestrated by the volunteers.

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