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A man, who police say is wanted for murder, successfully dodged several bullets fired by ranks from the Guyana Defence Force’s Intelligence Unit during a surprise raid at around 08:00 hours yesterday at Melanie Damishana, East Coast Demerara.The man,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, who resides in the Melanie Damishana Squatting Area, was riding along the Melanie Damishana Market Road when operatives jumped out of a taxi and opened fire.However all the bullets missed the target, and instead ended up shattering the window of a nearby house and sending the occupants ducking for cover.A Joint Services Unit combs the village of Melanie Damishana for the murder suspect yesterday. The suspect remained at large up to press time.The raid, which appeared to be planned from intelligence gathered that the suspect was in the area, ended up as a search of several abandoned houses in the community. The normally busy market area was expectedly devoid of the usual limers.According to an eyewitness,China NFL Jerseys, as the GDF intelligence ranks discharged rounds at the suspect, he calmly continued to ride his bicycle as if nothing was happening.He then accelerated when the rank began running after him.The suspect is wanted in connection with the beating to death of 19-year-old Dennis Richards in August last year.Richards,Cheap Jerseys From China, called ‘Junior’, died at the Georgetown Public Hospital after a brutal beating,China Jerseys Cheap, allegedly at the hands of the men who had called him from his home.The police had said that Richards’s death followed an incident during which he was allegedly beaten about his body with pieces of wood by four men at Melanie Damishana, East Coast Demerara.He was left badly wounded in an abandoned house in the Melanie Damishana squatting area until he was picked up by his relatives who were contacted.This newspaper was told that the killing stemmed from a marijuana deal that had gone sour.Police had later detained the suspect’s two teenaged daughters at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, as they were about to board a flight for Trinidad shortly after the incident.The police had claimed that the teenagers and a woman were detained to assist in locating the murder suspect.This newspaper understands that the suspect’s wife has been detained and questioned by the police on several occasions for information about her husband’s alleged activities.Meanwhile, Urmine Green, whose house at Linden Drive, Melanie Damishana, was damaged during yesterday’s incident, is strongly of the view that the ranks pursuing the suspect acted recklessly.She said that she was sweeping her yard when she heard several gunshots.She said that she enquired from her daughter, who was in the house, what was happening and was told that there was shooting in the area.Greene said that she ducked and managed to run inside to the safety of her house.“My neighbour was in her yard and she had to duck for shelter. I see people scattering on the road and having to duck fuh shelter,” Greene said.She said that one of the bullets shattered several louvre panes with the warhead landing on her kitchen floor.It was subsequently retrieved by the ranks who, according to reports,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, took a statement from Greene with a view to compensating her.
作者: yueyrt1Zz9    時間: 2018-7-11 06:07     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys China aback of the station

A young West Coast Demerara resident is nursing gunshot wounds to the hands and feet,NFL Jerseys From China, following an attack by two bandits at the Anna Catherina Service Station last night.The incident occurred around 22:00 hours and although details were sketchy,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, this newspaper learnt that the injured man Mohamed Bacchus, 22,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, of 382 Zeelugt North, West Coast Demerara, was also relieved of $30,000 and his cellular phone.His condition is not considered life-threatening and up to late last night he was being treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital.Bacchus had reportedly gone to the fuel station to pick up the staff after the facility was closed for business. It was while he was waiting in the car that the bandits struck.According to reports, the bandits first attacked the security guard and demanded cash. But they soon realized that the other employees were locked in the fuel station office and they turned their attention to Bacchus.The security guard at the facility told this newspaper that he heard the men demanding money from Bacchus,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, who then shouted for the staff to bring out the money.“Then I hear a shot and he turn and tell dem (the bandits) ‘Wha y’all shoot me fuh?”The security guard said that he also took the opportunity to run and hide and could not see or hear what else had transpired. However, he noted that the men who had come out from the dark,Wholesale Jerseys 2017, aback of the station, fled towards the canefields.He said that when they left,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, the other employees emerged and assisted in taking Bacchus to the West Demerara Regional Hospital from where he was transferred to the city.The police were contacted and they are presently carrying out their investigations.

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