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With teenagers accounting for a little more than half of the 31 per cent of all recorded pregnancy complications among young girls and older women, moves have been made by the Ministry of Health to introduce intervening programmes.According to Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Shamdeo Persaud, there are in fact several benefits if young girls refrain from becoming pregnant too early. “Not only can a young girl be able to complete her education, develop her social skills and acquire a career, but there are also some physiological benefits to delaying pregnancies until a more mature age,Cheap Stitched Jerseys,” said Dr Persaud.And according to him girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are still growing in terms of the development of their bones and reproductive organs among other aspects of human development.Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo PersaudBut although teenage pregnancy is viewed as a challenge for the Health Ministry, Dr Persaud, who was at the time speaking at a recent press conference, said that the rates have been noticeably decreasing.According to him,Cheap Jerseys From China, in 2003 the under 15 age group accounted for close to four percent of all pregnancies. This was reduced in 2011 to just about one per cent. This reduction, according to Dr Persaud, represented less than 100 pregnancies.During the same period too, there were about 5.2 per cent of girls between the ages of 15 and 16 who were pregnant but the percentage was reduced to 2.6, Dr Persaud noted.And though the age of 17 is regarded as a consensual age of sex, the CMO disclosed that the Ministry of Health has ascertained that even pregnancies among girls between the ages of 17 and 19 have declined.He revealed that in 2008 girls of this age accounted for 21 per cent of all pregnancies but by 2011 the figure had dropped to 17.1 per cent. “Across all of the age groups we have made significant progress in reducing pregnancy in the under-19 age altogether,” said Dr Persaud.It was deduced that the health sector,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, because of intervening programmes,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, has been scoring successes in reducing the incidence of complicated pregnancies since teenagers are viewed as the main group that suffers from such complications and are often subjects of high-risk pregnancies.The successes of the Health Ministry were even highlighted during a two-day International Conference on the Population and Development at the Guyana International Convention Centre (GICC) last week, which saw the attendance of Caricom Member States and countries of Latin America.Speaking to the media on the issue too, Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, said that “although we have some difficulties with maternal mortalities we are hitting at the group where we can have more results.”He observed, too, that gains are not only being made in Guyana but right across the Caribbean. He added, “We are going to be having less maternal deaths in that age group and the mothers we do have will be more mature, more educated and hopefully they will be bringing up better babies.” And in order to ensure that the decline remains constant, a call has been made for the introduction of more youth friendly health spaces,China Jerseys Cheap, said Minister Ramsaran.He said that the Health Ministry has over the years had limited experience and success in this regard, but that moves are currently being made to embrace a multi-agency approach which includes collaborating with the Ministry of Education to create the needful spaces.Already, he said, that there are small health units within some schools with the idea being “to get young people in the health seeking attitude…so that they do not see the health centre, when they become adults, as a place to fear but a place to go to, especially the young men.”As part of the outcome of the conference, Minister Ramsaran said that a call has been made for the introduction of health and physical education literacy in the school system. “We need more physical activities; we need to work with the Ministry of Education for the reintroduction of this because we noted that we are in the computer age and the young people are more intellectual.“We are losing them to text messaging and at the same time we are noticing a degree of child obesity and possibly an increase in child diabetes.”And even as access to health care is being recognised as an imperative for young people, Dr Persaud said that the same measures must be put in place for persons with disabilities. “The health of persons with disability, I think, is an area that we need to develop further. We have done a lot of work in addressing the needs of disabled persons but when it comes to sexual and reproductive health I think there are a bit more to be done in terms of providing them with the access,” said Dr Persaud.In this regard,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, he noted that such gaps will not only be addressed by the Health Ministry but also by some of the other sister agencies.

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