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La technologie Flyease est maintenant de retournouveau sur la prochaine dition de la srie Soldier, vu hier sur deux nouveaux coloris de Soldat 9, et aujourd’hui vient d’un coup d’oeildeux autres. It will provide long lasting benefits to your mind, your body and overall health. Bacteria produce waste products that are rich in sulfuric compounds and these smell sour.<p><p><b>Mythology<b>, the word, definition 'the exposition of myths' originates out of<p><p>the Ancient Greek <i>mythologia<i> <b>&mu;&upsilon;&theta;&omicron;&lambda;&omicron;&gamma;&iota;&alpha;<b><p><p>that means 'the telling of mythic legends, mythical lore, a legend, a tale, a story'<p><p>based upon <i>mythos<i> <b>&mu;?&theta;&omicron;&sigmaf;<b> meaning 'myth' &<p><p><i>logia<i> <b>&lambda;&omicron;&gamma;&iota;&alpha;<b> which means 'study',<p><p>via the Late Latin word <i>mythologia<i>, and on to the Middle French word <i>mythologie<i>. There were media obligations, a taco party in best friend and playing partner Kristy McPherson s room, and a trip with her dad, Tom, to pick up a rental car. I had a few tears falling as I was walking up the 18th green.Patrick Ogwel, assistant general secretary of the National Council of Sports told Xinhua in an interview late on Saturday that the executive of the Uganda Boxing Federation failed to explain the disappearance of the players. There does exist a whole slew of beliefs in fiction such as evidenced by fantasy works & Japanese manga, to merely point out a couple.The milk processing company sponsored Gor Mahia to the tune of 32,000 dollars to cover salaries for the players, Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , kit and operational costs. Water is used by all body cells , tissues and other organs in regulating your body function. With a Nordstrom coupon, Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , they can find the money for to search classy at the same time investing a lot less. The panels may not align properly and a minor adjustment to reposition the garage door hinge slightly may be needed.
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…but Clerk,Adidas Nmd Pink Shoes, Standing Orders contradict assertion    By Jarryl BryanOpposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira, is contending that because of the shortcomings of the Speaker ofClerk of the National Assembly,Cheap Air Max Shoes For Sale, Sherlock Isaacsthe National Assembly, Dr. Barton Scotland, parliamentary processes were trampled upon during the passage of the Tax Amendment Act last Friday.During a press conference at Freedom House, Teixeira said that the Speaker declared the Bill to be passed when the House had equal numbers on both sides. She was adamant that without the majority of the elected members, physically present and voting, the Bill could never have passed.“The Bill was moved by (Finance Minister Winston) Jordan, followed by submissions by Irfaan Ali and Anil Nandlall,” Teixeira related. “The speaker (then) did an unusual thing. Upon the closing of debates on the Bill, he then put the Bill in its entirety to the vote.”“At the time when he put the bill in its entirety,Cheap Air Max 90 Men Shoes,” the Chief Whip continued. “Minister (Rupert) Roopnaraine (was) not in (his) seat in the chambers. Therefore the government had 31 persons who voted in favour of the (bill) and the opposition had 32.”“Nothing can be passed in the House without the majority of the elected members and all those physically present and voting,” she vehemently declared. “I don’t know where Dr. Roopnaraine was and it is not my problem.”However, Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs has shot down Teixeira’s contention that the Speaker erred in his duties. In addition, the parliamentary standing orders are completely at odds to what Teixeira had asserted.Speaking to Kaieteur news yesterday, Isaacs stated that the Speaker in fact carried out his functions.“The vote was a collection of voices,” Isaacs said. “He did say those in favour say ‘Aye’ and they said ‘Aye”.PPP Chief Whip,Gail TeixeiraAnd he said those in favor say ‘Nay”. And they said ‘Nay’. He has to determine which was louder. The AYE was louder, so he moved on.”Isaacs noted that whether members were absent from the house or not,Nike Roshe Run Sale Outlet, the vote could have proceeded once a quorum of 22 members was present. He made it clear that it is not the Speaker’s responsibility to check whether all members were seated, after a quorum had been established.Standing order 6 (1-4) states “The quorum of the Assembly and of a Committee of the Whole Assembly shall consist of one-third of all the elected Members (excluding the Member in the Chair).”“If any Member draws the attention of the Speaker in the Assembly or of the Chairperson inCommittee of the Whole Assembly to the fact that a quorum is not present, the Speaker orChairperson, as the case may be, shall direct that Members be summoned as if for a division.”“When the order to summon Members has been given in the Assembly, the Speaker shall,Nike Air Max 1 Mens Shoe, afterthe expiration of five minutes, count the Assembly. If a quorum is not then present, he or sheshall adjourn the Assembly without question put.”“When the order to summon Members has been given in Committee of the Whole Assembly,the Chairperson shall, after the expiration of five minutes, count the Committee. If he or sheascertains that a quorum is not present, the Assembly should resume and the Speaker shall count the Assembly.“If a quorum is then present, the Assembly shall resolve itself into Committee; but if a quorum is not present, the Speaker shall adjourn the Assembly without question put.”Isaacs also made it clear that if in fact the Opposition did see something wrong with the vote, they could have rescinded it, as prescribed under Standing Order 25 (3). However, he noted that when Teixeira did raise the matter, it had long passed.Standing Order 25 (3) states, “When a question for debate has been proposed, debated and decided, it shall not be competent for any Member to raise a question substantially identical thereto in the same Session,Nike Air Force One Shoes Women, except upon a substantive motion for rescission.”Isaacs emphasized that the opposition could have claimed a division, in which case they would have been called individually or for the motion to rescind, thus annulling what had happened earlier, but they did not. So the Speaker went on with the business of the day.
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Women’s Agro-Processors Development Network (WADNET) is a network comprising 11 groups of women from various regions who are actively involved in agro-processing and at the same time,Wholesale Jerseys China, empowering womenWADNET’s products that were on sale at the recently concluded GuyExpo contribute to society.These groups of women are from several regions including Region 1 (Barima/Waini), Region 2 (Pomeroon-Supenaam), Region 3 (Essequibo Islands/West Demerara) and Region 9 (Upper Takutu/Upper Essequibo).The Network exhibited at GuyExpo – Guyana’s premier trade fair and exposition – and has been doing so for several years as they seek new markets and promote local products derived mainly from fruits, barks and spices.The Network has evolved over the years since its inception back in 2011 and now consists of 85 women.All of the products exhibited at their GuyExpo booth, were locally produced items from home-grown products. Some that were on display were honey, peanut butter, farine,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, cassava bread, creams, pepper sauce, jams,China Jerseys, jellies, green seasoning, soaps and an array of herbal medications.President of the Network, Rosamund Benn, said that the entity provides women with the means of earning and at the same time allows them to contribute to their families, their communities and their country.“WADNET is all about empowering women,” she said. “There is now (a means of) income to women who were once sitting at home,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, having nothing to do and just depending on their husbands. Now that they have been empowered because of the various training sessions that we had, we are now able to have a business of our own and we can contribute to the welfare of our families. We take pride in what we do,” Benn said.Most of the ingredients used in the making of these products, Benn said,Cheap Jerseys, are obtained from the vegetation that can be found in their communities, while some ingredients are purchased from farmers.Benn stated that GuyExpo has assisted the Network in expanding its reaches. She stated that last year,China NFL Jerseys, they were able to export Virgin Coconut Oil to Antigua.Local markets have also developed a liking to the Network’s produce as well, Benn said. She disclosed that Sterling Products Limited has been purchasing their Crabwood Oil Soap for some time now and are currently eyeing their Carambola preserved fruits line. The Guyana Shop has also been supportive. She said.The Network is also a member of the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (CANROP). Some of the groups that make up WADNET include the Blue Flame Women’s Group; Pomeroon Women’s Agro-Processors Association; Helping Hands Women’s Products Cooperative Society; and the Waini Naturals.

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