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The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society of the United Kingdom are joining forces to promote road safety in Latin America and the Caribbean.The two organisations signed a memorandum of understanding,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Wednesday,Cheap Air Max 270 Womens, to carry out events and activities together to help reduce the death toll and serious injuries caused by road incidents among the IDB’s 26 borrowing members, of which Guyana is one.Both the IDB and FIA, as the Foundation is known, also plan to work together on research, studies,Wholesale Jerseys Online, programmes and projects related to road safety in the region,Cheap Jerseys, IDB said in a release.“The need now for organisations to join together to work in partnership on road safety in the Americas is critical. Road traffic injuries in the Americas today present severe obstacles for social,Cheap Jerseys Online, economic, and political development.”Updated projections of global mortality and the burden of disease made by the World Health Organisation indicate that road traffic injuries are set to be the fourth biggest cause of healthy life years lost in developing and emerging countries by 2030, and from 2015 onto 2030 they will be the biggest cause of healthy life years lost for children aged between five and 14, unless new measures are taken to prevent them, IDB said.The accord follows up on the commitment that the Bank made last year at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) calling on partners to identify innovative ways to reduce the number of accidents and deaths due to poor road safety.As a part of the agreement,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, the Bank will provide to the FIA Foundation the amount of US 50,000 to help them in developing the Latin American New Car Assessment Programme (LANCAP) project in the region.The LANCAP is a protocol assessment aimed to evaluate the safety performance of some of the most popular cars sold. This protocol will become a catalyst for encouraging significant road safety improvements, in the borrowing member countries of the Bank in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).
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Minister Robeson Benn has revealed a hefty $600M estimate for the dredging of the Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo Rivers.The figures were given as part of his answer to an oral question posed by opposition member, Sheila Holder.He told the National Assembly that the dredging of these rivers is one of the areas receiving attention under the preparation of plans for the 2012 budget.He noted that the figures are indicative; however proper engineering numbers and statistics will have to be taken after a joint evaluation by the Ministry of Public Works and the planning unit of the Ministry of Finance.Benn stated that the Berbice River is being continuously dredged owing to activities related to bauxite shipping. He averaged that some 20 million cubic meters of silt are removed from the waterway each year in an effort to achieve an 8.3m draught in the channel.According to Benn,Cheap Jerseys From China, the average monthly figures for such an activity are $40M to $50M per month which when evaluated on a yearly basis adds up to some $480M to $600M each year.The Demerara River,mlb jerseys china, Benn noted, was being dredged this year up till the end of April when difficulties with the barge Steve ‘N’ eventually brought the works to a halt.The Minister revealed that the barge is overdue for general docking and is currently awaiting its turn to get into dry dock at the Guyana National Industrial Company Wharf. He noted that there are currently tenders in place to acquire the parts for the barge,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, as was the case a few months ago when the contract to dry dock the barge was tendered out.He said that the intention is to see the Steve ‘N’ undertaking maintenance dredging in the last quarter of this year and all of next year. An activity that according to Benn is expected to move some 800,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000 cubic metres of silt and that will carry a $500M price tag.Meanwhile, the state of the Essequibo River has been said to be seeing a general deficit of attention over the years,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, according to Benn.He noted that the Ministry is planning to do work at Chalmer’s point where some 300,NFL Jerseys China,000 cubic metres of silt will be removed at a cost of approximately $60M. This work is expected to be done near the end of the last quarter of the year.

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