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The Guyana Press Association is disturbed over what appears to be the unfair distribution of Frequencies weighed in favour of the Governing party.It is equally disturbing that the Government of Guyana is creating a media environment of monopoly ownership and control that leaves media workers limited options on employment and creative outlets for their skill and talent.The revelations by the Prime Minister in a written response to a Member of Parliament’s questions on the assignment of Radio and Television Frequencies,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, nationally,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, have indicated too that the administration of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications sector appears to be haphazard at best.The fact that the Prime Minister notes that the sector is in transition does not explain why for over two decades there has been no national plan to allow for investment in the sector by Guyanese and Caricom Nationals.The Guyana Press Association is also concerned that at least one TV channel has been farmed out to essentially carry International Content from a foreign Power that clearly does not bring employment or other tangible benefits to the Guyanese media fraternity.We call on the Guyana Government to correct the obvious lapses in the administration of the Broadcast/ Telecommunications Sector in the country. The Guyana Press Association would like to see the elected representatives from both sides of the House (the National Assembly) engaged with other stakeholders in the process to redress the deficiencies in the sector.We encourage the involvement of Caribbean and Commonwealth Media Advisers in this task to ensure the equitable distribution of the resources of the electromagnetic spectrum that would redound to the benefit of all media workers and those involved in the creative industry. (GPA)
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