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標題: Cheap Jerseys Outlet which saw performers from the Felix Austin Police College [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Zz9    時間: 2018-3-11 16:02     標題: Cheap Jerseys Outlet which saw performers from the Felix Austin Police College

Essequibians,Cheap Jerseys USA, both young and old were in for a treat on Sunday when the Guyana Police Force returned with another of their Gymkhanas.  The event took place at the Anna Regina community centre ground. Present at the event were commander of’ G’ division, M. Christopher; Assistant Commissioner,Cheap Jerseys From China, Mr.Bovell; and Region Two chairman Ally Baskh.Mr. Baskh told the large crowd that it was a “wonderful opportunity for us in the region to experience Gymkhana.”The event kicked off at 11.00hrs, with ranks of the Guyana Police Force taking centre stage. The eager crowd was entertained first by the march,China Jersyes Cheap, which saw performers from the Felix Austin Police College,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, a display featuring trainees,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, the Mounted Branch, motorcycles, musical chair,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, and stunts. There were the dogs from the canine section.That feature ignited excitement in the minds of both adults and children. This event was quiet successful.
作者: yueyrt1Zz9    時間: 2018-6-2 22:25     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic of Lot 208 Pattensen

The trial of Sharlene Oxley, who is accused of trafficking a woman in her late 20s and forcing her into prostitution, took another twist after her attorney, Dexter Todd, contended that the virtual complainant (VC) plotted with his client’s niece to make a false report to police.Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers¡¯ case is that Oxley, 51, of Lot 208 Pattensen,holesale NFL Jerseys, East Coast Demerara recruited, transported, transferred and harboured the woman for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Cayenne, French Guiana.The woman was at the time in a relationship with her brother’s stepson.However, during a lengthy closing submission on Thursday,Wholesale Jerseys 2020, Todd told the court that the VC,cheap jerseys, who was at the time a consenting adult and appeared sensible, conspired with his client’s niece ‘Nadine’ to make the allegation.The lawyer disclosed that another woman, who also resides in French Guiana and Oxley were not on friendly terms. While Todd did not disclose what caused the tremulous relationship between them, he said that the prosecution has no evidence to support that the VC was forced into prostitution by his client.He asked Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan to disbelieve the testimony given by the VC, since she agreed to have his client take her to French Guiana,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, for the purpose of caring for her younger daughter, since she was expected to be out of the country.Todd stated that the VC was an invited guest at his client’s home, where they shared a good relationship.According to Todd, there was no evidence led by the prosecution to prove that the VC’s movements were controlled by the defendant.“From the time she (VC) entered French Guiana she kept her passport and she testified that the passport remained with her in a separate room. She also kept her cell phone, which she testified was in working order for over two years. At no time did she indicate to the court that the defendant had control of those things.”Todd pointed out that the woman was not prevented or stopped from communicating with persons around the world since she had access to the internet.He said, “She had so much access to the internet that she was able to setup a Facebook account for the defendant.”Oxley had admitted to Prosecutor Jeffers that she took the VC to Cayenne illegally via the back track route since she was not in possession of a visa.Addressing this issue, Todd said he sees no issue with the woman being taken to the French- speaking country this way, since the back track route is regularly used.Todd raised several other points during his submission and asked that his client be found not guilty of the offence.When called on to lead a defence, Oxley had insisted that she took the VC over there to look over her daughter, while she returned to Guyana.In fact,China Jerseys Wholesale, Oxley told the court that she was unaware if prostitution takes place in Cayenne, although she has been living there for the past 26 years. She also denied receiving 219 from the VC, as monies she earned from prostituting.In supporting her case, she called Attorney Mortimer Codette,Cheap Jerseys Supply, who testified that Oxley told him certain things which he related to a detective at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Eve Leary, Georgetown.Oxley is currently out on $500,000 bail and will return to court on Thursday, when the prosecutor will give his reply.

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