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As police continue their investigations into the discovery of a deceased female on Monday, in the Lama Canal,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, in an area called the “Blacka” at the entrance of ‘B’ Field Sophia, her partner remains in custody.The lifeless body of 35-year-old Natasha Jacobs was pulled from the canal around 08:00hrs, two days after she went missing.Police sources confirmed that the body bore several marks of violence.Yesterday,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, a police source informed this newspaper that the suspect who has been identified as ‘Coby’ was sharing an abusive relationship with the mother of four for more than a year.Dead: Natasha JacobsThe source added that they have to wait on a Post Mortem examination before they proceed with the investigation.According to the investigator, the suspect, who appeared to be in his early 40s, is denying being responsible for Jacobs’ death.Her body was discovered by a child,Cheap NHL Jerseys, partially submerged amidst a patch of weeds in the “Blacka,” where the residents would normally swim.The woman’s face was partially disfigured and her neck appeared to have been broken.Upon seeing the injuries, the dead woman’s three brothers rushed to her partner’s home and launched an assault on the man.Jacobs’ partner lived a short distance from where her body was discovered. He was heard crying for help, but the residents too joined in and beat him. They circled him and the punches he received were countless. They even threw bricks in his face.“No I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. Please leave me,Cheap NHL Jerseys, please,” the man pleaded.Police officers were forced to fire a shot to scare the crowd away. He was eventually taken away in handcuffs.Natasha Jacobs’ mother, Pamela,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, had told this newspaper that she last saw her daughter alive Saturday night when she left her home.“Me and she left Festival City and I tell her leh we go to Lamaha Gardens by me, but she refused. She said she going by she man and I begged her to come with me,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, but she didn’t. That was the last time I see her,” the mother said.She explained that her daughter complained to her numerous times of being beaten by the suspect.“She said that he threatened to kill her. She does come and say that he beat her and all over her skin does have black and blue marks,” the older Jacobs said.The mother admitted that her daughter was suffering from mental illness.“When she gave birth to her first child (11 years ago) she started suffering from this sickness. She does be in and out of her senses,” the mother said. The woman added that she lost one of her sons.Investigations are ongoing.

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