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“I see myself playing a very important role in helping to mould the youths of this country, and I love doing it. I wouldn’t change careers for the world!”By Enid JoaquinIt takes guts to be the head or Principal of a school, but it takes even more ‘guts’ to takeCleveland Thomason the task of managing a school where discipline, or the lack of it, raised eyebrows, and parents’ reactions to their children’s placement there would invariably be – “That school? Not my child!”Cleveland Thomas, who has been a teacher for the past thirty-four years, is a man possessing such ‘guts’- a man brave enough to take on the post of Principal of a school that several years back, tethered on the brink of self-destruction.Some persons felt that Thomas had to be mad to take on such a challenge – that his teaching skills and professionalism would be better served at Mackenzie High, and that he should have applied for the Principal’s position at that premier Linden School.They of course did not know that Thomas had always yearned to head the Christianburg Wismar Secondary School (CWSS), the institution that gave him the sound academic grounding that catapulted his successful teaching career.Thomas said that it had always been his dream to teach at his alma mater, and that dream came true, when he was offered the position of Deputy Head at CWSS. He was appointed Headmaster of the school in 2005.Despite the negative image that was circulating about the school back then, Thomas said that he was by no means daunted, but rather, felt motivated to step in and bring about change.During an earlier interview with this newspaper, Thomas declared, “I see myself playing a very important role in helping to mould the youths of this country, and I love doing it. I wouldn’t change careers for the world!”He admits though, that it has not been easy.But being the stoic individual that he is, Thomas never complained, he just did all in his power to return the school to its glory days,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, even though, he said, inside he was ‘tearing up’.He has not failed!But enough about the school…Cleveland Thomas is the type of person that walks into a room, and changes the whole atmosphere.He exudes authority and character without even batting an eyelid!Some call Thomas a bully, but he doesn’t mind, as he confessed that quite often an authoritative stance is the only way to achieve one’s purpose.Thomas and his beautiful wife, Olive.Cleveland Thomas grew up in Melville Street, Wismar, Linden, and was formally educated at St Aidan’s Anglican and Christianburg Wismar Secondary respectively.He began his teaching career at the New Silver City Secondary School, which at the time was known as Johnson High School. He was just eighteen at the time.Reflecting, Thomas said that he had serious reservations about applying for the job, as he stuttered a lot in those days.Even some of his friends voiced their concerns regarding his ability to deliver lessons, because of his impediment.But forever a man of action, Thomas said that he approached his Pastor for prayers, and received same.That action appeared to have worked, because Thomas was hired, without even being subjected to an interview. He reflected that his “impeccable attire and adequate qualifications” were also a factor.Teaching was a surprise switch, because Thomas had initially set his eyes on working in the local bauxite industry’s laboratories.And he was quite qualified to do so, as his main focus in high school was on the science subjects.He admits that his mother might have had something to do with his change of heart as she had always told him that he had ‘the teacher’ in him.“As a little boy, I used to get these bauxite rocks, and I would write lessons on the outer walls of our house, and I would be teaching the plants in the yard to spell and recite tables, and my mother was paying attention, so she knew I was a Teacher before I became one!’Subsequent to his stint at Johnson High, where he taught for one year, starting in October 1982, Thomas enrolled at the Lilian Dewar College of Education in 1983. He graduated in 1986, majoring in Science.He would subsequently return to Johnson High, where he taught for a further three years. From there he was transferred to Mackenzie High.It was at Mackenzie High that Thomas said that he met Gloria Britton, then Head Mistress of the School. He confessed that Ms Britton taught him a lot about the image that a teacher should project – how to dress, walk and talk the part.“She taught me how to treat my work with class and prestige; dress the way a male Teacher ought to dress, and how to prepare and complete my records.Thomas later left to pursue a Degree in Education at the University of Guyana, from 1992-96. It was during that time that he taught at The Bishops’ High School. He would acquire his first moniker (Robocop) on his very first day at the school.“On my first day at the school I was dressed in black pants, black shoes,NFL Jerseys Supply, blue shirt with epaulets, and I carried a black umbrella and attaché case.The image presented was enough to clear the corridor. All the form one to three students who were on the corridor, ran to their classrooms, and word later got out that it was from that day they started calling me ‘Robocop’.”Thomas said by the time they had gotten to the third form, the robo part was dropped, and he was simply referred to as the ‘cop’.He later returned to the Mackenzie High.It was while at this institution that Thomas was offered the post of deputy head of CWSS. Though surprised, he was only too pleased to accept.REFUSING TO COMPLYThat was the beginning of a new chapter in the life of our special person. One that saw him standing up and refusing to comply with the Ministry of Education’s, “No Child Left Behind” (automatic promotion) initiative.Thomas, with the backing of a strong PTA and supportive staff, never wavered in his decision not to comply. The rest is history.Jonathan Adams in a letter to the editor of this newspaper regarding Thomas’ refusal to go along with the directive from the Ministry of Education, pointed out that the very act of defiance said so much about the dynamic nature of the society and the need for honesty, tolerance for positive criticism,Cheap Jerseys From China, open-mindedness and a willingness to believe that someone else other than the Government is capable of having answers to Guyana’s challenges.Adams ended his missive by calling Thomas a brave man – maybe anointed.An editorial later spoke of Thomas having stirred up a hornets’ nest, with his decision.The Editorial noted, “Maintaining that he would not promote students who could neither read nor write, he refused to advance some 30 such exemplars. He was hauled before the Teaching Service Commission and ‘warned’.”It further stressed, “whether one agrees with Principal Thomas or not, the gentleman has performed a yeoman task for Guyana. Over the last decade, there has been a veritable revolution in the delivery of education in our nursery, primary and secondary institutions. There has also been an incredible lack of public discussion and debate on the merits and demerits of the still evolving new system.”Reflecting on the issue, Thomas said that he does not regret his decision, and would take similar positions on matters that would threaten the education of the nation’s youths.“It would have been sinful for me to do that (automatic promotion). We had children there who had left the Primary system not knowing to read; not knowing to write; not knowing the English alphabet, so how do we promote them?Even though we did a lot of remedial work that year we couldn’t promote them. For me it was wrong – a gut feeling based on principle said it was wrong.”Thomas said that when he was called by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) to defend his position, he was well equipped with all the necessary documentation, showing what the school had been helping the parents and children with.“If that had gone through (automatic promotion), our nation would have looked a bit different today.I remember telling one of the officials at the TSC, “Give the school five years and you will see the fruit of what we are doing, and he looked at me and smiled, and I said ‘you guys will be calling our school’s name. In 2015, when the CXC results are published we will perform above sixty percent from grades one to three’. And in 2015, we did perform above sixty percent.”In 2016, I projected that we would perform above sixty five percent from grades one to three, and I’m projecting that in 2017 we will perform above seventy percent, from grades one to three,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, because our staff works as a team – it’s not a one-man show, I’m just the head. It’s a team effort, ‘each one, teach one, help one, strengthen one another.’”PASTOR, FARMER, BUSINESSMANIt is not often, that one finds a Principal of a school who is a pastor, farmer and businessman.Thomas, who proudly wears all these caps, maintains his humility.He is presently affiliated with what he calls a contemporary Christian organization where he functions as a Pastor. He prefers to call his church a fellowship.Formerly a Deacon of the Christian Brethren Church on Burnham Drive, Wismar, where he also served as board member, Thomas’ lifestyle reflects his firm belief in “Yahweh”.You might ask, like I had to, how he finds the time to do all these things,Jerseys Wholesale, and Thomas will simply tell you, as he told me, “there are twenty-four hours in a day, and I sleep about six, and that is quite a lot!”The rest of the day he dedicates to work and family.And Thomas is not the type of person that would be crying out about the high cost of living – he does something about it.He does not go out looking for another job, he just switches from using his brain all the time and uses his hands more – planting fruits and vegetables and blending seasoning and pepper to make pepper sauce. These activities, of course, supplement the family income.His products are marketed under the brand name COTS.Cleveland Thomas is married to Olive Nurse- Thomas, the Deputy Headmistress of the New Silver City Secondary School, and is the father of three, two boys and one girl.The elder boy is a mechanical engineer, while the girl is a medical doctor attached to the Linden Hospital Complex. His other son is still in secondary school.Thomas said that he considers his wife his soul mate, and talks to her all the time, even in his sleep!He firmly beliefs that it is important to lead by example, both in his personal and professional life, and those who have interacted with him over the years feel that he has indeed done so.