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–    claims victim struck him with bottleA 15-year-old boy who allegedly killed his uncle,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Michael Williams,NFL Jerseys China, has reportedly admitted to committing the act but claimed that he retaliated after being struck.Kaieteur News understands that the teen,Jerseys From China, who was captured on Sunday,Wholesale China Jerseys, told police that he chopped Williams after the man pelted him with a bottle.Police sources said that he provided no reason for the altercation.The teen had gone into hiding after allegedly killing the 50-year-old man at Kariako Backdam, North West District last Friday. He was nabbed on Sunday at Kokerite Mission, a community some 40 miles from the area where the murder occurred.A source said that after killing Williams, the teen fled the area in a stolen canoe and paddled to Kokerite.He reportedly told a villager that he lived at Mainstay,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, and persuaded the man to take him there by speedboat.But during the trip the villager became suspicious after the teen repeatedly kept hiding near the bow.The lad refused to assist when the vessel became stuck on a sandbank. The boat owner stopped at Kokerite Mission and alerted other villagers. They then tied up the youth and alerted the police.He was reportedly armed with a cutlass and with a bow and arrows. A source said he also had a leg of smoked wild meat, which he had stolen.According to reports, Michael Williams and a friend were walking in Kariabo Backdam last Friday when Williams stopped to rest. The man’s nephew was seen walking on the trail with a cutlass over his shoulder. According to persons from the area,Adidas NHL Jerseys China, Williams and his nephew were seen arguing before the teen chopped his uncle, almost beheading him.It is alleged that the teen calmly wiped off his bloodstained cutlass before walking away.

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By Rabindra RooplallPatrons at the ENetworks booth enquiring about service,http://www.theworldsoccersshop.com/Belgium-Christian-Kabasele-Jersey.html, options and services offered for Samsung Smart TVs in the background.STARR Computers Inc. which partnered with ENetworks to deliver high definition (HD) quality video contents on the Samsung Smart TVs to its customer at the GuyExpo 2013 saw a massive crowd inquiring about the products and services up for grabs.A network of Samsung Smart TVs lit up the Expo with multiple channels of quality videos streaming from International Business News to Sports, from Documentaries to Children’s Animation,Anders Nilsson Jersey, and, from History contents to Science and Technology.Best of all,Chase Edmonds Jersey, ENetworks was giving away a free $10,000 certificate to all its existing and new signup customers for the purchase of any Samsung TVs at STARR Computer. The company will continue to extend this hospitality certificate for the remainder of October. Samsung LED Flat Screen TV currently starts at G$75,000 (US$361).According to Michael Mohan Jr, Marketing Director of STARR COMPUTER, Samsung TVs are dominating the world stage with the convergence of Information Technologies, Telecommunications with TV contents.And, Samsung leads the industry with its Eco-electronic standards,Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jerseys, exceptional high definition video,Bobby Doerr Jersey, and, connectivity. All Share features allow users to experience smooth content flow between multiple Samsung platforms – TV,Paul Kariya Ducks Throwback Jersey, handsets and computers.He explained that with Samsung Smart TV, families can now benefit from significant savings on their monthly electric bills. And with the Wi-Fi features, they can browse the internet for educational and entertainment contents. They can even monitor their Surveillance systems at home.Mohan expressed enthusiasm that on the latest enhanced Samsung 8000 Series, the evolution kit and built in web camera allows users to enjoy facial recognition, conduct video conference, voice recognition and even allows hand gestures to navigate the TV features.Underscoring that Samsung is famous for its ultra slim, lightweight, high definition TVs, Mohan Jr further explained that it is loaded with connectivity features based on models ranging from standard USB, RJ45 and HDMI port Bluetooth, Wireless and Webcam.Its Energy Star 6.0 exceeds Government standards. That it ultimately enhances significant energy savings while reducing carbon footprints is a testament to its commitment to save the earth.He disclosed that STARR Computers, in partnership with local financial institutions currently has an easy financing programme which helps the consumer to acquire its product lines.And Michael Mohan Jr. emphasized the objective of this joint venture at GuyExpo between STARR Computer and ENetworks was to promote and encourage collaboration between different entities to deliver quality contents on smart devices at affordable prices in Guyana.STARR is the Authorized Distributor and Service Centre of Samsung products in Guyana. Samsung is currently collaborating with STARR COMPUTER to enhance the Samsung Experience as part of its Caribbean growth.

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– Loses in excess of $10M A mid afternoon fire yesterday gutted the upper flat of a two storied house at Bar Street,Cheap Jerseys Online, Kitty,Cheap Jerseys USA, belonging to a businesswoman. While members of the Guyana Fire Service managed to save the bottom flat of the building, the woman estimates her losses in excess of $10 M.Reports are that the fire started sometime around 13:30 hours yesterday.According to the owner of the house, Mala Moolsammy,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, no one was at home at the time of the fire.Neighbours told this newspaper that they were having lunch when they began to smell the scent of tyres burning.“After we start getting the smell we see we whole house in black smoke so we run outside and when we look across we see smoke coming from Mala house,Soccer Jerseys China,” one neighbour recalled.The woman said she immediately told another relative to turn off the main switch in their house.“By the time we reach back downstairs all we see is flames coming from the house…Everything happened so fast.”By that time other neighbours had already called the fire service which arrived promptly.Unfortunately, they did not manage to save anything from the burning building.The building was home to the businesswoman, her husband, Patrick Moolsammy,NFL Jerseys Cheap, and their three children. Overwhelmed with grief the businesswoman said she was at her Regent Street business place when an employee of another store ran over to her and told her that her home was on fire.“A man from de other store come over and ask me if I name Mala and I said yes and he seh he just get a call saying that me house on fire,Nike NFL Jerseys China,” Mrs. Moolsammy lamented. Amidst her loud wailing the woman insisted that every time she leaves her home she would turn off and plug out all electrical appliances.“Oh God wha me do fuh deserve this, me wuk hard fuh every thing me get .Why?” the woman cried.Neighbours too were heard lamenting the fact that Mrs. Moolsammy worked really hard to achieve all that she owned. The woman had been living in the area for the past 16 years.  The Guyana Fire Service is continuing their investigations to determine the origin of the fire.

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In what can be considered an about face, the Ministry of Home of Affairs has supported a recent decision by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada to uphold the refusal on appeal,Cheap Bayern Munich Jersey, by a former member of the Guyana Defence Force,Manchester United Jerseys, to be recognised as a refugee under the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees or as a person in need of protection.The former GDF member, a coastguardsman, had applied for refugee status in Canada on the basis that the Government of Guyana had failed to provide adequate protection to him.However this was not accepted by the Immigration and Refugee Board as the Board found that the applicant had not taken adequate steps to employ the resources of the Coastguard of Guyana or the Guyana Police Force.The applicant had alleged that while working as a repair technician on a Coastguard vessel on September 19, 2008, the vessel intercepted another vessel which was found with large amounts of cocaine.As a result of this bust, the applicant averred that he was harassed and threatened by persons who were responsible for shipping the cocaine.According to the Ministry of Home Affairs in a statement issued yesterday, it was because of the diligent efforts of the Coastguard that such a large haul of cocaine was confiscated and the persons responsible arrested by the Guyana Police Force.This, the ministry said, correctly implies,Custom Juventus Jerseys, as the Refugee Board of Canada did, that the law enforcement authorities of Guyana are an efficient arm of the Government and are not impaired from carrying out their assigned tasks.“Therefore, they would have been capable of offering any necessary protection in this matter should such a need have arisen.”The Ministry said that it was clearly noted that the former Coastguardsman did not provide any substantial evidence to show that the Government of Guyana had failed in its duties since his actions were premature and he did not allow the established institutions and mechanisms any chance to prove themselves.According to the Home Affairs Ministry, the failure to actively engage the Coastguard and the Guyana Police Force is patently obvious,Custom Barcelona Jerseys, since the former Coastguardsman was remiss in following up with the relevant law enforcement authorities in order to seek a resolution in this matter thus preventing a thorough investigation as desired.“While the capabilities of law enforcement authorities are not ideal, the Government of Guyana continues to make strides in this arena in order to effectively combat crime and to protect its citizens from the scourge of crime thus supporting the conclusion of the Immigration and Refugee Board that ‘Guyana is in effective control of its territory and has in place a functioning security force to uphold the laws and constitution of the country’,” the Ministry’s statement said.But it was the same home affairs ministry that had earlier this year condemned the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada for its decision to grant asylum to an information technology specialist and his wife.The couple had alleged that they were targeted by senior Government officials, including a Minister and a top police official after the husband had refused to hack into the e-mail and websites of opposition figures on the instruction of the Government Minister.The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board had accepted evidence as credible that the Minister while allegedly in the presence of a senior Guyanese police official and a notorious hit-man, lured the IT specialist to hack into guyanaobservernews.com and propagandapress.com,Custom Bayern Munich Jerseys, websites that the Minister reportedly described as “opposition websites” that were embarrassing Guyana’s ethnocratic PPP regime.When this was accomplished, the Minister again directed the IT expert to break into named media personnel and opposition politicians’ websites and e-mails, and allegedly offered him half a million dollars to do so.The computer expert refused and returned the money, insisting that such an act would be a criminal violation of the law, prompting the Minister to angrily assure him that he will be protected by the government, as it would be a patriotic duty.But again the IT Specialist adamantly refused.This led to several abusive telephone calls and evil, deadly threats from the Minister himself, according to evidence supplied. The wife of the IT specialist was kidnapped and taken to a City dining and entertainment facility, in which the Minister allegedly has a financial interest. There she was stripped, tied up, threatened with rape and beaten, allegedly in the presence of the Minister and the hit man.This incident led to the couple escaping Guyana for Canada,Arturo Vidal Jersey, where they were granted political asylum from persecution and threatened execution by the Minister and PPP government death squad members.

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Minister of Human Services and Social Security,Womens MLB Jerseys Online, Jennifer Webster, on Friday presented holiday cheer in the form of hampers, to elders at the Uncle Eddie’s Home in Tucville,Boston Bruins Jerseys Outlet, Archer’s Home on D’Urban Street and the Gentle Women’s Home on Brickdam respectively.She explained that even though the homes are privately owned,Cheap MLB Gear, the government would still give annual subventions.The Ministry recently funded a renovation of the laundry room at the Uncle Eddie’s home. A washing machine will also be given to the home.President of the Management Committee for Uncle Eddie’s Home,Clearance Hockey Jerseys, Walter Lewis,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Online, accepts the hamper on behalf of the residents of that home.In addition, the Ministry also facilitated the installation of grills at Archer’s home in an effort to prevent yet another robbery,Cheap Baseball Jerseys Pro Shop, and to ensure the safety of the residents there.Just about two months ago the residents’ money and pension books were stolen by gunmen who invaded the premises at around midday. Gold jewelry belonging to the administrator of the home was also stolen.

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Every politician,Wholesale Jerseys USA, when dem tek de taxpayers’ money and travel overseas fuh sport or because dem bored,Cheap Juventus Jersey, does try fuh let people believe that dem doing de country a favour. If dem go to New York,New York Knicks Jerseys, dem does meet wid Guyanese who live over there.If dem go to Canada, is de same thing and if dem go to de islands is de same tune dem singing. Come home because de country needs you. Burnham used to do it and Hoyte continue. Papa Cheddi do de same thing and then Bharrat start fuh sing de same song. Dem boys hear when de lady Carolyn go to de Islands and tell dem Guyanese to come home because Guyana got wuk fuh dem.One man pack up he bag and come home wid he trowel,China Jerseys Free Shipping, he measuring tape, he seal,Wholesale Soccer T-shirts, he float and all he mason tools. He didn’t know that Carolyn was telling he to come home to protest outside de Marriott.De man come home but he couldn’t get no wuk because nuff foreigners come home. When he talk de Labour people tell he that he miss out by a pinch,Cheap Jerseys Supply, that de last people who come and get de wuk travel all de way from China.De other morning de man pack up he tools and before he wife wake he tun up at de Marriott. He couldn’t go in suh he start to protest. This time Carolyn gone to Haiti fuh beg more Guyanese to come home.De man write a letter demanding he airfare fuh go back and is then de trouble start. Couple Minister announce that Guyanese lazy and how dem Chinese people seh that if dem employ Guyanese de wuk gun tek a year and a day.But is when a Minister seh that all dem local contractor would hire foreigners if dem get a chance dem and all would employ sheer foreigners. That is de greatest eyepass; that is wha dem boys seh.Now that Guyanese know that dem can’t get wuk all of dem going to dem embassy fuh get a visa. Is now Guyana gun empty. Talk half and watch how de passport office gun full up again.