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An East Coast Demerara businessman narrowly escaped death when armed bandits opened fire on him during what can be described as a daring opportunistic robbery yesterday morning.Chandradat Nandalall, 38, of Vryheid’s Lust North was wounded when he tried desperately to cling on to his gold jewellery he was wearing after he was attacked by a gunman,Brett Favre Falcons Jersey, who subsequently escaped with his accomplice on a motorcycle.The incident occurred around 09:15 hours at a Le Ressouvenir car wash, where Nandalall had gone to have his vehicle cleaned.According to eyewitnesses, the businessman was sitting on a bench in front of the wash bay when the two bandits rolled up on their motorcycle. One of them immediately pounced on Nandalall.“One jump off de bike and come and tell he fuh tek off wha he gat, but like he get bassody and the bandit pull out he gun and shoot he,Cheap Soccer Jerseys 2019,” said an eyewitness.The woman said that the bandit then snatched Nandalall’s gold chain.“He see like de man pocket full up and he start bullying de man fuh wha inside. But de man had two cell phones and he wallet and de bandit tek it,” the woman added.After robbing the businessman of the items mentioned,Deion Jones Falcons Jersey UK, the bandit tried to grab his gold band but Nandalall would have none of it and made a dash for safety.This angered the gunman who discharged several rounds at him and a few more for good measure at some eyewitnesses who were staring transfixed at what was playing out in front of them.Shamdai Khan, whose son operates the wash bay, told this newspaper that she is still traumatized by what she saw,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey, while peeping through her window.“De bandit fire at me son, he had to crawl pon he belly. Me peep through de window but me mind nah give me fuh go out. Is de fuss time me see something like this,” Khan told this newspaper.She said that after the bandits left, her son rushed the injured businessman to a private city hospital where he is receiving treatment.“Dey say de bullet hit he hand and pass through near he heart. He gat fuh get surgery,” Khan said.She is not too pleased with the response she got from the police in her district.According to Khan,Argentina World Cup T-Shirts, immediately after the first gunshot, she telephoned the Beterverwagting Police Station,Cheap Nike Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Free Shipping, then Sparendaam but on both occasions the phones were busy. She even contacted the area Community Policing Group but none of them showed up until about 30 minutes after the robbery.By then the bandits who were described as very young boys had made good their escape.

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“As a true educator you become a parent; more than the light guiding the way to a successful academic career… It is the essence of this noble profession.”By Kiana Wilburg At some point in our secondary school education,Custom Manchester United Jerseys, we encounter the ‘exceptional’ teacher, the one whoseGail Roxanne Primoinfluence goes beyond that five or six-year period. It stays with us for an eternity.The ‘exceptional teacher’ is the one who transforms the classroom from a dull, ordinary place into a virtual fun-park for learning, confidence building, and imparting important life lessons.They possess a fire for transforming children, inspiring them, motivating them to never be afraid of questioning anything, and like actress Lily Tomlin said, they gave you something to think about besides homework.This week’s ‘Special Person’, retired headmistress, Gail Roxanne Primo of St. Joseph High School, is one such person. She has the perfect balance between the discipline of an iron lady and the warmth and comfort of a mother. For her, the “slow learner” did not make her job harder, but more profound and satisfying.Reflecting on her satisfying career, Miss Primo sums it up in one short sentence—”Teaching is just part of my DNA.”With years of teaching and being a headmistress under her belt, the good-natured mother of one expressed that perhaps it is her humble beginnings and her mother’s insistence on the inculcation of certain critical qualities, that is responsible for how far she has come.Born March 6, 1960 to Mavis Primo and Robert Moore, this highly respected educator related that her fondest childhood memories were conceived in Berbice and later in Linden.With two graduating students of St. Joseph High.She grew up with her grandmother in Rosignol, Berbice, while her mother worked in Richmond Hill, Linden, as a domestic and a seamstress, to ensure that her every need was met. But she would soon move to live with her aunt who was relocating to the mining town as well.Primo recalled fond memories of her youth where she flew kites, climbed fruit trees and even ventured to her mother’s abode, on the Linden Highway, and almost being devoured by quicksand. Of course,Cheap Manchester United Jersey, she recalls receiving “a good old cut-tail” for going on such a dangerous trek but it was nevertheless, full of excitement for her.“I had an very adventurous childhood and I had my cousins who were good role models for me. But more importantly, the sacrifices of my mother taught me that life was not a joke. You have to work for what you want.”Primo attended her cousin’s kindergarten and then Rosignol Primary, but after being transferred to Linden she continued at Regma Primary. After successfully passing her common entrance exams, she moved on to Kara Kara High School which was soon after remodeled into a multilateral. It became even more exciting for her. There she was, a senior student, and quite early her capacity to be a leader rose to the fore. Primo was soon chosen to be a Prefect.After graduating, she was eager to enter the world of work and did her first teaching stint atMiss Primo and her students from North Ruimveldt Multilateral.Mackenzie Primary School. This didn’t last long. She then applied at a Bank for a job, considering her love for mathematics and economics. But this only lasted for one day.“When I went to the job on the first day and I returned home, I greeted my mom with a very serious look on her face. She said that she didn’t think the banking work was for me because I am very forgetful and I would leave the people’s canister open and end up having to pay back a whole set of money. Believe it or not, that was the end of my attempts at a banking career. So I returned to teaching.”“This (teaching) was always my first love. It was evident even when I was a child. I remember as a young girl I would cut out the ladies in the bathing suits from the fashion books my mom used, because I knew she wouldn’t want those and I had them lined up on the steps and taught them and all my other dolls. They would get terrible licks for not answering my questions,” she said with a smile.The educator’s next teaching venture was at Linden Foundation Secondary where she learnedBeside her daughter when she graduated from the University of Guyanathe value of criticizing in private and praising in public. That experience stayed with her as she recalled that at no point as a headmistress did she ever embarrass her teachers at St. Joseph High.She worked there until 1979 and left for college where she did three years training at Lillian Dewar. After graduating, she returned to Linden in 1982 and resumed work at the Foundation until she left for the University of Guyana. There, she successfully graduated with a Degree in Economics.“Before I graduated from UG there was a vacancy for senior teachers and I was transferred to North Ruimveldt Multilateral and worked there from 1988 to 2001. And I really did enjoy ‘multi’. It was home for me. I had my daughter, Jowanza, while being there too, but it did not affect my performance.In 2001,Alex Sandro Jersey, I was promoted to Deputy at Ascension High and that was a revelation for me. I was never exposed to teenagers who could not read and I found that very strange and depressing to see those children – a school of 200-plus, and you could only find 10 being able to read. In 2004,Anthony Martial Jersey, I applied for a transfer to Brickdam or Christ Church Secondary. St. Joseph was nowhere in the picture.”But as faith would have it, she was appointed Deputy of St. Joseph High School in 2004 when another of our featured personalities, Mrs. Ingrid Fung,Custom Bayern Munich Jerseys, served as Headmistress. But when Mrs. Fung retired, Primo acted for one year and was appointed Principal in 2007 until her retirement in March 2015.Miss Primo noted that her mission at St. Joseph High was to maintain a certain level of discipline and surpass what was already achieved.“When I came to this school, the academic performance was of a high level and my intention was to keep and surpass it. We also changed the timing for teaching periods and it moved from being 35 periods per week to 40 periods.“Children are writing more subjects and at the end of my tenure I was pretty satisfied. In 2013, we were awarded for being the most improved secondary school and in 2014 we were named the number three performing school in the country.”Miss Primo said that she has learnt a lot from teenagers, with the most important lesson being that educators have to learn to stay current.And there were other noteworthy experiences in this regard.“One of the things I didn’t realize was that they carry so much burden and responsibility. As a teenager, I recall my place was to get the good grades, but in the last four to five years, I found teens tended to be more burdened with adult matters, like where their next meal is coming from. That is their parent’s responsibility. In other cases, there is this get-rich-quick syndrome among them. A lot of teens didn’t have childhood experiences. They grew too quickly. Not their fault, but that is what happened.”She said, too, that as a principal, one must know the art of delegating responsibilities. The educator said that at that level, there are more administrative and disciplinary matters than you would encounter as a class teacher.“Teaching is my first love. I love to impart knowledge. It is a wonderful feeling to see the development of children from 11 to 16 years old. It gives you a sense of pride. If I was given the principal’s salary as a teacher I would have remained a teacher, simply because it provides more opportunities for helping to shape their lives.”Though it has been a topic of much debate, Miss Primo still maintains that the “whip” really works. “It has worked before and it will always work. Everything has its place and degree,Arturo Vidal Jersey, but it does work.”Her advice to teachers is that they must love what they do, because the job of the teacher is quite challenging. She emphasized that discipline, knowing when to compromise, self-respect and confidence are key elements of the “exceptional teacher”.Her guiding principle remains being plainspoken and fair. She now serves as the administrator of St. Joseph High.With all that she has accomplished in her field as an educator, Miss Primo says that she has discovered that teaching from the heart changes one’s perspective and ultimately that individual’s image.“As a true educator you become a parent; more than the light guiding the way to a successful academic career. It is the most gratifying feeling of my entire life to be a mother to hundreds. It is the essence of this noble profession.”

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The decision by the government to remove the Stabroek Car Park from the control of City Hall has also resulted in the municipality relinquishing its sanitisation service to the facility.This is according to City Mayor, Hamilton Green, who in an invited comment yesterday said that the council will play no role in maintaining the park since the government, through the Minister of Public Works, Mr Robeson Benn, made an arbitrary decision to revoke the park which has been in the care of the municipality for more than 17 years.Recent observations of the park revealed that during the day garbage is piled up in some sections, much to the distress of persons accessing the facility.This newspaper understands that the since the seizure of the park the council has not assigned any personnel to clean that area as was customary. Thus the area is left in an unkempt state for the most part of the day.It was, however, disclosed that personnel from the Solid Waste Department, during their night cleaning routine, would sometimes remove the accumulated garbage at the facility.But according to Minister of Local Government, Kellawan Lall, in an invited comment yesterday,Boston Celtics Jerseys, the municipality has the responsibility to remove garbage whether it is generated by vendors or not. He said that even if a property is regarded as private or publicly owned, the council is still expected to carry out its mandated task.The Minister said that he is very concerned that the municipality would even believe that the park was out of its cleansing jurisdiction.However, Mayor Green is adamant that it is the sole responsibility of the Ministry to ensure that the park is kept in an acceptable manner to facilitate its new role as a minibus park.He articulated that not only was the seizure of the park an improper decision but it is also inconsistent with the Georgetown Development Plan outlined for the city.He said that the city could have been in a much better state had Government allowed the implementation of the 2001-2010 Plan which was accepted by Cabinet.Mayor Green disclosed that had the plan been put into effect there would have been adequate parking facilities and much more order in the city.And not only has the institution of the park served to successfully halt a revenue earning scheme for the council, but it has also created a dilemma for vendors within the market.According to leading member of the Stallholders Association and vendor,Wholesale Jerseys China, Albert Lewis, vendors can no longer conveniently access the park.As a result,Wholesale Jerseys, he said that when vendors have the need to offload their merchandise they are forced to do so at the southern end of the Fire Station, in Hadfield Street and even further, depending on where parking is available.This, he said,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, is compounded by the fact that they have to hire help to fetch their products to their stalls, which is not only a painstaking task but also causes them to incur additional cost.Additionally, he said that several customers have been lost since,NFL Jerseys China, like the vendors, they have no place nearby to park their personal vehicles as they conduct business in the market.Lewis said that the Association, as a result, had formed a delegation and had met with Minister Benn to voice their concerns.Mr Lewis said that so far nothing of substance has been done to rectify the problem. And while the Association intends to approach the situation with much caution, Lewis said that vendors will not rule out taking the matter to higher levels of intervention.According to Mayor Green,Jerseys From China, the negative impact of the government-enforced decision has caused only mounting negative impacts on vendors and the marketplace as a whole.During an interview last June, the Mayor had revealed that the impact of the decision had already seen a 45 per cent reduction of business at the market.He believes that it is even worse now.Like other city officials, Mr Lewis is claiming that the move will have some negative bearing on the Tourism Industry.According to Mayor Green, “The market environment has been sullied as a tourist site and will undoubtedly lose its attractiveness.”He speculated that were it possible he would have sued the Ministry already for taking away the park but noted that Government has put in place a legislation to guard against such actions.