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– cites his mother’s involvementThe Buxton man who was burnt during a botched ‘obeah’ ritual a week ago, may not give evidence in the trial of the three women who caused his injuries.The reason is that, his mother is one of the accused.According to a source, although the man, Rickford Lowe, has given police a detailed statement of what transpired, he informed investigators that he is unwilling to put his mother through a court ordeal.On Friday, the man’s mother and two other women appeared at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court and were remanded to prison on a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm.The women,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, Zipporah Braithwaite, 27; Meena Oreedhan, 47, and Elijah Butler, 40,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, are accused of burning Lowe during an ‘obeah’ ritual which they claimed would have rid him of ‘demons’ that had possessed him.According to the police,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, Lowe was at his home watching television, when his mother and sister came into the house accompanied by the ‘obeah woman’ and another female.He said that to his surprise, they started to pray over him with camphor and a bottle of Limacol.The ‘obeah woman’ then lit a candle and started to pour the Limacol and camphor on him after which she ignited the flammable liquids.Lowe said that with fire all over his lower body,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, he ran out of the house and soaked himself in a reservoir of water.He was then rushed to the Georgetown Hospital where he was admitted.However, after his discharge from the hospital,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, the man reportedly approached the police and informed them that he was unwilling to give evidence in the matter, since his mother was involved.A source said that should the man not offer evidence against his mother,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, all of the accused could go free.

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Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, days before he demitted Office in 2011, allocated a number of radio frequencies to friends, family and party, including a company owned exclusively by an American citizen.This occurred despite the fact that Chairperson of the Guyana National Broadcast Authority (GNBA), Bibi Shadick, had said this could not be done.Bibi ShadickIn fact she had told operators that companies that have 50 per cent or more ownership,Cheap China Jerseys, by a non-Guyanese, would be ineligible to receive licences.Shadick in November last year, called in all operators and told them that they would have to re-apply for licences, be it radio or TV.She informed the operators that they would have to ensure that their companies are incorporated, thus making them shareholding companies with a minimum two directors.This posed a problem for at least one operator who had applied and had as a partner,NFL Jerseys Supply, a Guyanese who was a US citizen and was listed as the 50 per cent owner of the company.According to Michael Bess, owner of Atlantic Cable Network (ACN), he had in the past worked with a Guyanese associate, who later migrated to the US and subsequently gained US citizenship.According to Bess, he had set up a company and named his associate, who by this time re-migrated to Guyana, as 50 per cent owner of that company.Shadick objected, and on those grounds the company was refused a licence.The same,cheap nfl jerseys sale, however, did not seem to apply to Telcor and Cultural Broadcasting Inc which is owned 100 per cent by an American citizen.This company was incorporated by Attorney-at-Law, Jaya Manickchand, the sister of Government Minister, Priya Manickchand, in 2009.The Articles of Incorporation, part of the public records, list as a Director for the Company, Kamini Persaud, the wife of then Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud.Kamini Persaud, is also the niece of Jagdeo.The other director was listed as Ruth Baljit, the sister of Minister Persaud with her listed address as 1106, Virginia Avenue, New York, US.The company was incorporated with 500,000 shares and each annual return filed, lists Baljit, a US citizen as the sole shareholder.This means that the company Telcor and Cultural Broadcasting Inc. is on paper, owned exclusively by a US Citizen.Kaieteur News understands, too, that the company was struck off the Registrar’s Companies List for failing to file annual returns.It was restored to the Companies List in October,Jerseys From China, days before Jagdeo would have approved it for five radio frequencies.Dharamchand Depoo, the Company Secretary uplifted the Licence for Baljit who lives in the United States.Jagdeo’s gifting of Guyana’s national resources, the airwaves, to certain close friends, family and his political party, has come under increasing scrutiny following the forced disclosure by the Prime Minister in the National Assembly earlier this year.The bending of the rules to allow a non-Guyanese approval for the operation of new radio stations to especially close friends of Jagdeo and the ruling party, would be significant as there had been strong objections from existing media houses.Several prominent, independent media entities including Kaieteur News, Stabroek News, CNS 6, WRHM 7, RBS 13, Capitol News, HBTV 9 and GWTV 2 were all bypassed by Jagdeo.Yet, Jagdeo also gave to Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop, his close friend, his party’s newspaper, the Mirror,Authentic Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, five frequencies each.He approved frequencies to a number of others but only allowed them one frequency each, limiting them in their coverage.The former President has also come under criticisms for granting cable television licences to two companies –E-Networks Inc. and Quark Communications.Both companies have Directors and shareholders with close links to him.Both companies along with Global Technology, on which Ramroop, his close friend, sits as a Director, are now set to receive Telecommunications licences.These will pave the way for a small group of friends,Wholesale Jerseys From China, all close friends of Jagdeo, to control the media and telecommunications industry – an industry worth billions of dollars and which was virtually handed to them for free.

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– Finance Minister says final tab at US$2.6BGuyana’s plan to build the 165-megawatts hydropower facility at the Amaila Falls in the manner that was pushed by the previous administration was not only irresponsible but would have been “a downright criminal act of deception”.Presenting his first National Budget yesterday in the National Assembly, Finance Minister Winston Jordan disclosed that currently configured, the project which has been suspended would have cost of almost US$1B, making it easily the most expensive project ever for the country.Based on figures, it was found that the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) would have been required to make annual payments amounting to US$130M to the operators of the hydro facility,2018 Nike Air Max 97, costing the country a whopping total of US$2.6B over the 20-year commitment period of the power purchase agreement.“Mr. Speaker,Undefeated Air Max 97 Australia, this does not include Guyana’s contribution of at least US$160M (US$45M for the road, US$80M equity through Norway, and US$35M loans from IDB (Inter-American Development Bank); and the garnishing of US$65M of our foreign reserves.”The project,Cheap Adidas Sneakers Online, the brainchild of the Bharrat Jagdeo administration, was shelved in the last Parliament after the Opposition which had the majority raised questions over the costs and other issues. They voted a key piece of environmental legislation that was required by IDB, one of the financiers, effectively stalling the project.According to the Finance Minister, even the IDB considered the project too foolhardy to proceed over the financial structure.“We know now, that as configured currently, the cost of financing is too high, and that unless the price tag can be substantially lowered, we cannot proceed.  In this opinion, we are strongly supported by the experts at the Inter-American Development Bank, who had considered the project to be too risky to attract the Bank’s financing.”The minister insisted that Government is well aware of the importance of clean, reliable and affordable energy for development and the improved welfare of the people.“As such,Air Max 98 Gundam For Sale, we are prepared to explore every avenue to reduce the cost of energy – including examining the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project.”With regards to the capacity of the state-owned Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) to manage the hydro project, the official was convinced that it was delusional to suggest that the company had the competence to handle such a financial burden.“The GPL is known to have a poor operational,Nike Air Max Outlet Store, financial and technical capability. The company suffers from high energy and technical losses and fuel price volatility. It would require not only massive tariff increases, but guarantees taxpayers, through the treasury, will provide transfers to meet this obligation. It also assumes that businesses would be willing to abandon their lower cost power generation and take the chance that GPL will be able to satisfy their energy demands.  Added to this, is the fact that Guyana would be left with all the contingent risks of the project,” he warned.Jordan said it is a fact that the identification of Amaila Falls, as a potential site for hydropower, dates back some 40 years,Ben Chiarot Jersey, and that his Government would welcome the diversification of the country’s energy matrix to include clean, sustainable and affordable sources.“Over the next five years, we will adopt a more integrated approach to providing for our energy needs. We will examine all sources of energy – fossil fuels, wind, solar, bagasse and, of course, hydropower.”He said that the government will commence feasibility studies for a large hydropower development in the Mazaruni region.“This will be done in collaboration with Brazil. We will encourage independent power producers and suppliers to construct energy farms and sell energy to the national grid. We will construct and/or promote the construction of small hydro systems in areas such as Moco Moco, Kato and Tumatumari, and will power all of our new townships, starting with Bartica, using alternative energy sources.”